Rodgers-Brady defeat Allen-Mahomes
Rodgers-Brady defeat Allen-Mahomes

At the Shadow Creek Golf Course in North Las Vegas, Tiger Woods took on Phil Mickelson in 2018 in the first exhibition match of the series.

The NFL’s best will be on display this year. Brady and Rodgers will face Mahomes and Allen at the Wynn Golf Club in Paradise, Nevada.

Teams will play 12 holes with a hole win resulting in a point, a tie in half a point, and a loss is zero points.

Brady and Rodgers are the narrow favorites at DraftKings Sportsbook with odds of -190. Both Mahomes and Allen are installed as underdogs at +160.

Brady will participate in his third version of The Match after competing in losing efforts in 2020 and 2021. Rodgers will take part in this event for the second time.

In July of 2021, he defeated Phil Mickelson and Brady with Bryson DeChambeau.

The Match 2022 Recap: Brady-Rodgers vs. Allen-Mahomes


Brady-Rodgers defeated Allen-Mahomes on the 12th hole

Brady’s final drive in regulation lands in the rough but hits the green.

Rodges lands his shot just left of the hole on the green. Bradley will take advantage of his mulligan. He hits the target and earns a shot. Unfortunately, it goes into the water.

Allen avoids the fans and lands beyond the green in the rough. Mahones sends his ball to the water and will use his mulligan.

His second attempt lands on the front of the green, leaving a long birdie putt if they decide to play it.

Allen missed a putt from deep by a few inches. Because Mahomes couldn’t make it, Brady and Rodgers both have a chance to win. Brady narrowly misses it.

Rodgers makes his putt as #12 and wins on the 12th hole.

Pre-Show Updates:

Mahomes calls himself the “JR Smith of putting” due to his ability to catch a hot or cold streak.

Charles Barkley wants to make a wager with Rodgers where if Brady/Rodgers loses, Rodgers has to cut off his man bun.

If Barkley beats Rodgers in Tahoe on the 18th hole, Rodgers will cut his man bun. If Rodgers wins, Barkley will donate $25k to the charity of Rodgers’ choice.

Allen plays mind games with a goofball with Tom Brady’s combined photo.

UPDATE: Brady responded with his mind games on the first hole.

Hole #1: Brady/Rodgers win the hole

The Match begins with Brady sprinting in a golf cart across the course, trying to make his way from the driving range and chipping hole to the first hole.

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When he drove the cart at Cal, it looked like he was making his best Marshawn Lynch impression.

Rogers begins the action with a drive down the middle of the fairway. Rodgers’ drive will be taken since Brady shanked his drive into the deep rough.

Allen tees off and finds the deep rough as well. Mahomes ends the initial shots with a ball down the middle of the fairway, and they will likely take it.

It came down to putting on the first hole. Rogers nailed his putt to win the hole and give the veterans a one-point advantage.

Hole 2: Brady/Rogers win the hole

With the course’s first water hazard, this is the first par-5 on the course.

Brady tees off first and moves people off the right side of the course to avoid hitting them. Rodgers’ drive will be in the fairway after he screams one to the left in the deep rough.

Allen hit a fan on his hand while Mahomes sent both his drives to the right side.

A golf glove was gifted by Allen to the lucky (unlucky?) fan, along with an apology. Allen then hit a fan with his next shot.

The youngsters’ second shots went long, and they could not recover. The vets are now two up.

Hole 3: Allen/Mahomes win their first hole

As Brady sends his drive well left, the team will play Rodger’s drive that bounced back to the fairway.

All four players had a shot at eagle after Mahomes launched a drive. Brady should be able to force the hole into being a push if the youngsters can get in three.

Brady fails to beat Allen/Mahomes for the first hole win of the day, one of the rare times in his career. Allen currently has the best dig so far.

Upon discussing Rodgers’s golf skills, Allen remarks, “That’s what happens when you don’t attend OTAs.”

Hole 4: Draw

Allen’s drive goes into the water while Mahomes flies past the green on par 3. Off the tee, Brady shorts the ball but lands on the green. Brady takes the lead with the best trash talk of the round.

The veterans take the lead in the third. With Allen’s putt of a chip, he keeps the hole a draw, not changing the score.

Hole 5: Allen/Mahomes win the hole

It will be the longest hole of the round since it is a 533 yard par-5. Mahomes hits a drive into the crowd while Allen finds the fairway.

Brady turns left while Rodgers avoids the water hazard by finding the light rough.

Both Brady and Rodgers hit their second shots into the crowd. Allen follows suit, but Mahomes hits the green in two.

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In true GOAT fashion, Brady hits his third shot from a different fairway and puts it on the green for a birdie chance.

After Brady and Rodgers both miss their birdie attempts, Mahomes has two shots to win the hole for the rookies.

Mahomes misses the eagle putt but makes the birdie win the hole and tie the Match!

Hole 6: Draw

Allen hits his third fan of the day with a shot into the crowd. The player throws a football and hits a target to earn a mulligan shot. Unfortunately, he overcorrects and sends the ball to the left.

At least Mahomes got into the fairway of the par-3. Brady drops his drive into the middle of the green. Rodgers also hits the green, but it is far and to the right.

Brady and Rodgers missed their birdie putts but had easy tap-ins for par, so the youths were pressured. As a result, Mahomes could save the hole and keep things tied at halfway.

Hole 7: Draw

There is a long drive contest on the seventh hole, with the caveat that only drives in the fairway are eligible. Allen hits his right but avoids hitting the fan.

Mahomes finds the fairway. Brady and Rodgers followed Allen to the right but missed any fans. By default, Mahomes won the long drive, and a donation of $400,000 will be made to Feeding America on his behalf.

He cracks open his fourth Coors Light of the round as he heads to his shot.

There were participants around this ugly hole on all sides and even in some surrounding holes.

In the end, Brady winds up looking at a birdie putt and nearly hits a long putt but gets a gimme par. Allen and Mahomes both missed their attempts, so this one ends in a draw.

Hole 8: Allen/Mahomes win the hole

At DraftKings Sportsbook, Allen/Mahomes is now favored to win.

Brady has turned around his hat, so he is channeling Tiger Woods or about to catch a Pokemon. Finally, Allen reaches the green on this par-3 hole. Mahomes lands a shot within 10 feet of the hole.

Brady lands backward on the green, and Rodgers drops one in the water.

Brady and Rodgers missed their birdie shots, opening the door for the young guns. Mahomes makes the putt, and the youths win the hole!

Hole 9: Draw

Allen finds the fairway but on the wrong hole. As Mahomes pushes his drive well right, he considers a mulligan.

At last, Brady gets a hold of a drive and drives it right down the middle of the fairway. Rodgers’ ball isn’t even shown, so they will play Brady’s drive.

Allen and Mahomes played well with their second shots, landing on the green. Mahomes’ shot rolled almost within five feet of the pin.

Rodgers followed up with a great shot. Rodgers put pressure on Mahomes when it came to the putts, who sank them to avoid dropping the hole.

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Hole 10: Brady/Rodgers win the hole

Allen overdrives the green and lands in the bunker behind the hole. Mahomes sends the ball into the crowd on the right side of the fairway.

Brady also hits his drive into the bunker on the right side of the green. Rodgers’ drive lands on the front part of the green.

Brady and Rodgers didn’t sink their eagle attempts, but Rodgers came close. Mahomes and Allen both missed birdie putts, leaving it open for the olds.

Brady sinks the putt to force a tie in to the last two holes.

Hole 11: Draw

Brady tees off first and sends the ball straight down the fairway. Rodgers hits one of the best shots of the day near the green.

On the left side of the hole, Mahomes is in light rough, and they choose not to show Allen’s drive, so they are showing Mahomes’ drive.

Allen hits his fourth fan of the day with his second shot, but the ball bounces onto the green. As the competition heats up, all four players found their approaches landing on the green with chances at birdies.

At DraftKings Sportsbook, the live odds now favor the veterans.

Rogers, Mahomes, and Allen all missed their birdie attempts, and Brady had a chance to give his team the win before the final hole. He missed it, and we are tied going into the final hole.

How much money will be donated to charity?

It is unclear how much money The Match will raise for charity this year.

The second edition of “The Match” raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief, while the third edition raised $4.4 million for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Last year’s event raised at least $1 million for the participants’ charities of choice, although the actual figure was probably higher. The Match will likely announce its fundraising total at a later date.

Several charities will benefit from The Match, including Feeding America.

How much will the winner make?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson faced off in the first edition of “The Match.” The winner took home $9 million and bragging rights. Michaelson earned the hefty paycheck by defeating his longtime rival.

The next three editions of the event raised money for charities. As a result, none of the participants made any money themselves.

The tournament will follow in the footsteps of the past two. There is no prize money. Rodgers, Brady, Allen, and Mahomes are raising money for charity.

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