Roger Federer And Serena Williams
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Roger Federer is the former world number 1 and among the three stars who are the boss of tennis. However, the situation of Federer is now going to put him out of the world ranking. Federer is not the only player who is a victim of the circumstances. Serena Williams, the American record time number one position holder in tennis, will also see herself out of the world ranking.

Federer started his ATP ranking journey at the age of 16. Since then, he has been shining and ruling the ranking scoreboard. His path to becoming the world’s number one has a long history. It started when Federer scored 12 points at Switzerland 1 Masters Satellites in Bossonnens. After that, the Swiss player has never had to look back.

Federer will go backward in what he has created after 25 years. After turning pro-Federer will be out of the World ATP Ranking for the first time. On 1997 September 22, Federer’s first placed his foot on the ATP ranking. He became the number one tennis player in a short time. ATP announced his name as the world number one in 2004. He was the number world tennis player for 237 consecutive weeks.

Federer has been out of the tennis course for a long time now. Since his appearance at the Wimbledon tournament in 2021, Federer Federer played for a limited time. He took part in very few tournaments after his knee surgery in August 2021. He is currently ranked the world’s number 47. But as he hasn’t participated in many tours, his rank may drop, which will affect his career ranking a lot. The same problem happens with Williams.

As the world tennis board, WTA and ATP decided to remove points from the Wimbledon tournament, Federer will lose many issues from his score. After losing this many points, Federer will be out of the world ranking. This process will take a few weeks, and in July, Federer will lose his rank for the first time in 24 years.

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Why are ATP and WTA removing points from Wimbledon?

A few months ago, Wimbledon decided against the ethics of almost all the players and members of WTA and ATP. Wimbledon announced that they would not allow any players from Russia and Belarus. They made the decision which nobody. People raised questions: Where ATP and WTA are ready to allow players from Russia and Belarus, why can’t Wimbledon do that.

Wimbledon organizers said they would not allow anyone from Russia and Belarus as these two countries invade Ukraine. Many other sports banned Russia and Belarus for the exact cause. But in other sports, they play in a team, and here players mainly compete alone. So, to help them, ATP and WTA decided to keep their Russ and Belarus players in tournaments. But the players from Russia and Belarus will have to play under a neutral flag.

Now the new decision of Wimbledon made the WTA and ATP angry. That’s why they remove all the points from Wimbledon grand slam event.


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