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Serena Williams is the single grand slam winner in the world, including men’s and women’s tennis, and is finally returning to court. She was absent from participating in any compensation for one year. In an Instagram post, Williams recently said she would return to the court in Wimbledon 2022.

Serena Williams is the biggest celebrity in tennis. The American has won 23 single-grand slams in her career. No other players in the world have this many single-grand bangs in their first showcase. She is considered one of the best women’s tennis players of all time.

Williams has been out of every kind of competition for about one year. She didn’t take part in the tour in the past 12 months. The last time Williams played at the Wimbledon. However, she was withdrawn from the tournament for a leg injury in the first round.

Williams is now looking to complete her one-year gap by attending the most prestigious tournament, the Wimbledon. She posted a photo on her Instagram social media page. In the pictures, she shows her leg, wearing a Nike shoe, and there is Wimbledon red color bag lying beside her on the grass.

Williams shared’s picture on Instagram says a lot about her returning to the court. She tagged Wimbledon in her photo. Williams said in the post, “SW and SW19. It’s a date. 2022 See you there. Let’s Go #renasarmy.”

Williams called her fan base Renasarmy. Her fans and everyone saw this post as a sign of her return. The return of Williams will surely create a huge thrill among the audience and fans. Everyone is so much excited to see her on the tennis court again. Every tennis fan wanted to see her on the court cause, yet at 40, the former world number one was better than any player, and she could destroy anyone.

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Williams has been out of the tennis court or any competition for a long time. A year of absence can affect the player’s regular performance a lot. After a long time, she will have to deal with many problems in her first game in Wimbledon.

But on the Instagram post, Williams also tagged the WTA Eastbourne program, which will take place in a week. If she is planning to return, then there is a huge chance Williams’s return will start with WTA Eastbourne. Before entering the Wimbledon, Williams will need this practice tournament badly.

Can Serena Williams play at the Wimbledon with her current ranking?

After a one-year gap, Williams is planning to return to the tennis court. This time she will look to win her eighth Wimbledon trophy. She has a total of 23 single grand slams. She wishes to make her grand slam trophy the same as Margaret Court’s (24, not all the singles) this year. Williams won her first grand slam in 1999 at the US Open, and her last grand slam victory was at the 2017 AU open.

Williams is currently ranked out of the top 1000 list. Her name is not even in the original entry list for the ladies’ singles’ main draw. She will require a wild card to get into the Wimbledon tournament.

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