Shane Warne death
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Shane Warne, an all-time iconic cricket star and greatest leg spinner in history has died a few hours ago at the age of 52.

All the cricket community has lost their legend. The shade of sorrows has covered every cricket fan’s mind. Warne was an idol to all the cricketers. There are no cricketers who aren’t inspired by the great player in history. His death is something that the whole cricket world will never be able to recover or refill with someone else. Warne’s absence has already created an emptiness in all our hearts.

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In Australian time Saturday, Warne’s management informed the death of the world’s biggest cricket star. They are suspecting that the cause of his death is a heart attack.

From Warne’s doctor report and previous weakness report, we could say that he previously had some heart problems. But back then that wasn’t much serious. The reason for Warne’s heart attack is still unknown. Soon, they will start an investigation to find out what really happens. No one is suspecting anything wrong but who knows what might come out.

As the situation is very unstable and so Warne’s family asked everyone to stay silenced. They don’t want the rumor to get spread out.

Shane Warne was found dead in his hotel. He was staying in Thailand. While they found Warne he has no sense. Doctors tried their best to save him but all the effort went in vain. Even though they take immediate action, there was nothing much they could do. It’s really sad to see the legend dying like this in a hotel.

Fox Sports first gave the death news of Warne. They were informed by Warne’s management. In the short statement of Fox Sports, they said, “Shane was found unresponsive in his villa and despite the best efforts of medical staff, he could not be revived.”

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And then Fox sends the massage of Warne’s family saying, “The family requests privacy at this time and will provide further details in due course.”

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It’s the second death of this week in the cricket world. Australia lost their two greatest stars of all time just between a few hours. Rod Marsh was a former wicket-keeper of Australia. The cause of Marsh’s death also happens for heart attack. Marsh died in a hospital while he was under the observation of doctors. But Warne didn’t get a chance to reach the hospital. Marsh was aged 74 years old at the time of his death.

A short view of Shane Warne’s career:

Warne ruled cricket for 15 years. He had a very magnificent career. In every sector, Warne was unstoppable and there was no one who could challenge the legendary leg-spinner. Every batsman feared to face Warne.

Warne took 708 wickets in 145 test matches. This is the second-highest wicket-taking in the history of test cricket. The first record is held by Sri Lanka’s player Muttiah Muralitharan who take 800 wickets. In One Day Internation (ODI), Warne took a total of 293 wickets in 194 matches. He was the man of the match in the 1999 cricket world cup.

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