The Time Magazine has announced the Athlete of the Year for 2021. This year, the award has been won by none other than the GOAT of gymnastics Simone Biles. She has four skills with her name and is a legend of this sport. Unfortunately, she has stepped away from many events due to her mental health issue.

In the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, this sporting sensation won four gold medals spree. But, in the 2020 Olympics, she had to cut herself off from many events for her mental health problems. This year, she won a silver and a bronze medal in the event. In her Olympic career, Biles won seven Olympic medals. She is known as the legend of sports with four skills. She has been suffering from a mental health problem termed as twisties, where the gymnasts aren’t aware of their body position in the mid-air.

Biles has amazing defying skills, fans were very excited and anticipated to see her in the game. She was also the face of Team USA. Olympics was more than a personal event to her. She thought that it was for her country, not for her, and gave her best to the event.

Time said in its article that, “Experts agree that especially for young Black women, Biles’ actions were a signal that it’s acceptable to claim agency over both their minds and their bodies. When a Black female athlete like Biles takes visible steps to safeguard her own mental and physical health, to indicate that it’s worth protecting, that action carries a special power,”

“Biles’ assuredness in speaking her truth and taking ownership of her fate offered permission for athletes and non-athletes alike to talk more openly about challenges they’d once kept to themselves,” Time Magazine said.

Simone Biles again came into the spotlight after she returned from Tokyo. She testified against Larry Nassar, who sexual abuser along with three other athletes. She tweeted on November 26 with a question why is it hard to please one’s family when we get old. After a couple of minutes, she tweeted again,  “I’m just so exhausted”. Her fans and followers came forward to support her.


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