steven johnson and sonya curry

Sonya Curry and her new partner Steven Johnson recently attended the Golden State Warriors’ game versus the Boston Celtics. Johnson, a former NFL player, is responsible for the split between Sonya Curry and her ex-husband, Dell Curry.

Steven Johnson’s Relationship with Sonya Curry

The former NFL star recently made headlines with an alleged affair with NBA superstar Steph Curry’s mother, Sonya Curry. Unfortunately, the reveal led to an unexpected situation. As, Sonya’s ex-husband Dell Curry, decided to divorce her after a long-term marriage.

Previously, the former American professional basketball player Dell Curry was married to Sonya Curry. They married in 1988 and were engaged till 2021. They had three children throughout their 33-year partnership. Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, their children, are also well-known NBA players.

Following the release of Sonya’s affair last year, she and Dell split up. In a People magazine interview, they issued a joint statement announcing their decision to end their marriage following a trial separation. In 2021, Sonya filed for a divorce. Dell’s legal team claimed in divorce court documents that his wife lied to him about her relationship with Steven Johnson. As a result, Dell believes his ex-wife should not be entitled to alimony.

On the other side, Sonya denied the claims. She replied that it began after she and Dell agreed to divorce in 2020. At present, they are no longer together. However, their lives are gradually returning to normal. Additionally, Dell is reported to be dating Nicki Smith, who is believed to be Johnson’s ex-wife.

Who is Steven Johnson?

Steven Johnson is a former NFL tight end who played for the New England Patriots. He attended Virginia Tech for three years from 1984 to 1987 before being picked in the sixth round by the New England Patriots in 1988. Due to a major knee injury, he only played two years in the NFL.

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In his debut season in New England, the player appeared in only three games. Johnson appeared in 44 games for the Virginia Tech Hokies. He finished with 1,058 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, ranking sixth on the school’s list of tight end receptions. He donated $1 million to Virginia Tech’s practice field. Following the donation, the management renamed the institution after him.

The former NFL player currently owns and operates Johnson Commercial Development, a construction company. He started the business in 1995 and is currently serving as a president there. His current net worth is $5 million. Additionally, his present annual income is over $100,000.

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