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Ledecky and Dressel conclude U.S. selections in style: Katie Ledecky dominated the 1,500m freestyle, taking the fourth victory Saturday in Greensboro, North Carolina, closing the U.S. selections for the world championships.

The American freestyle champion clocked a 15 min 38 sec 99/100th, improving on the best time of the season, which already belonged to her, to beat Katie Grimes by 12 sec 37/100th.

This is the 15th fastest performance in history. Ledecky already has 13 of the 14 best times ever, and the seven-time Olympic gold medallist seemed a little disappointed that she didn’t do better.

It was okay,” said Ledecky, who had already won the 200, 400, and 800m freestyle this week at the U.S. selections for the World Championships in Budapest, scheduled for June 18 to July 3. “I would have liked to have been a little faster, but I’ll settle for it in the end.

On the men’s side, Caeleb Dressel won five Olympic gold medals in Tokyo to bring his career medal tally to seven and won his fourth selection event on Saturday.

He set the season’s best time in the 50m freestyle with 21 sec 29/100th, ahead of Michael Andrew, whose 21 sec 45/100th is second-fastest.

Olympic silver medallist Alex Walsh won the 200m medley in 2 min 7 sec 84/100th, setting the fastest time of the season. Leah Hayes, 16, was second in 2 min 9 sec 99/100th.

Finally, Chase Kalisz, the reigning Olympic champion in the 400m medley, won the 200m medley in 1 min 56 sec 21/100 ahead of Carson Foster, who had relegated Kalisz to second place in the 400m medley earlier this week.

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