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Last night Indian Wells 2022 ended dramatically with the loss of Rafael Nadal. Nadal was flying so high since the beginning of the year. There was literally nobody who could take down the legend.

Nadal won the matches since the 2022 season started with AU Open. This loss against Fritz was very much unexpected. Not a single man thought that this could happen. Yeah, Fritz is a great tennis player and defeated some big names in the past. But, Nadal’s position, performance, attitudes were some that everyone thought no one can beat Nadal.

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After defeating the Indian Wells final Nadal and all his fans were heartbroken. If Nadal could win the Masters 1000 event then he could tie the record with Novak Djokovic and now he lost the chance. Chances like that will come again for sure but the Serbian boss is returning on the field too.

In the French Open, Djokovic will make his appearance on the court after a long time. He hasn’t played in the big tournament for a long time. Djokovic will try to tie the grand slam record with Nadal in the French Open. All three have the same amount of grand slams in their record but in January, Nadal overpassed Federer and Djokovic and became the world’s most grand slam winner.

Since Nadal returned to court in the AU Open 2022 he wasn’t lost a single match. Well nobody can go on unbeaten for eternity but the loss in the final match of the Indian Wells is truly heartbreaking.

Even Fritz can’t believe that he can win against Nadal. He says, “I went through a rollercoaster of emotions before the match, from thinking ‘there’s no way I could play, then doing so much work on the ankle, then going out, hitting on one of the backcourts, all of a sudden thinking: ‘oh my god maybe I can play.”

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Nadal was having so much trouble playing the match. He just recovers from an injury. He said, “When I’m breathing when I’m moving, it’s like a needle all the time inside. I get dizzy a little bit because it’s painful. It’s a kind of pain that limits me a lot. It’s not only about pain, I don’t feel very well because it affects my breathing.”

Rafael Nadal Give Hint of Retiring:

Cause of the injury Nadal couldn’t give his best to the match. That makes him really sad. Though Nadal tried with his everything in the second round but failed to take down Fritz.

Fritz also recover from an injury recently. He beat Nadal with his ankle injury, it took him 2 hours to defeat world number 4. Nadal lost the match by 6-3 7-6(5) points. After the match, Nadal praised the performance of Fritz.

Sad news came with the defeat of Nadal. He gave us a hint that he will go retirement for a couple of years. So, we may not see him in the upcoming tournaments.

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