Brittney Griner
Photo Credit: CNN
U.S. basketball player Brittney Griner sent a letter to President Joe Biden. The latter was delivered by her representatives to the White House on Monday.
In it, she said she feared she would never be able to return home again. Also asked said not to “forget me or the other U.S. nationals imprisoned there.”
Griner’s agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, said the letter was sent on Monday.
Most of the letters sent to President Biden remained confidential. Although Griner’s representatives shared a few lines of the handwritten note.


I am here in a Russian prison and alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic straitjacket, or exploits. I am terrified of languishing here for eternity,” Griner wrote.
“On July 4, our family usually honors the memory of those who fought for our freedom. It includes my father, a Vietnam War veteran,” said the star player.
It saddens me to think about how I usually celebrate this holiday. Because freedom has a different meaning for me this year.
The two-time Olympic gold medallist is currently the subject of a trial that began last week in Russia. She got arrested on February 17.
She is accused of possessing cannabis oil while returning to the country of President Vladimir Putin to join his Russian team. The trial will resume on Thursday.
Less than 1% of defendants in criminal cases in Russia are acquitted. Unlike U.S. courts, guilty verdicts can not be returned.
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