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It’s now the biggest news of the Tokyo Olympics and creates a huge issue out of it. Firing the ceremony director just before the show day is a huge mess. And people are certainly very much anxious about it.

Cause without the director’s instruction how can things work fine! And it’s not just a show, it’s one of the world’s biggest ceremony shows that will be written on the page of history. So, no one wants any trouble with it. Then how come they had to fire the main ceremony director and now who will handle everything! Let’s find out.

The Tokyo Olympic ceremony director was Kentaro Kobayashi, a well-known comedian, and a play writer. The cause of his firing took place many years before now, and probably no one has any idea at that time, that this gonna hunt him down and will discharge him from his job.

It was in 1998, Kobayashi was struggling hard with his job. He wanted to be a famous comedian and wanted to be in everyone’s attention. So, then he made a joke about Holocaust. He sarcastically said that “Let’s play Holocaust”

After the matter was revealed, the Olympic board decided to fire Kobayashi from the job. Tokyo Olympic head Seiko Hashimoto told the reports, “It came to light that during a past performance, [he] used language that mocked a tragic fact of history.” She also added, “The organizing committee has decided to relieve Kobayashi of his post.” When the reporters and fans asked and showed anxiety about the ceremony Hashimoto told them, “How we’re going to handle the ceremony is currently being discussed.” She also said, “We are facing a lot of challenges right now. Maybe that’s the reason why these negative incidents will impact the messages we want to deliver to the world. The value of Tokyo 2020 is still exciting and we want to send our messages to the world.”

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Kobayashi Respond to this matter and other controversies of Tokyo Olympics:

After getting fired from directing job Kobayashi apologizes publicly for his past behavior and states that he is really sorry for making such a joke. He said that “In a video that was released in 1998 to introduce young comedians. A skit that I wrote contained lines that were extremely inappropriate. It was from a time when I was not able to get laughs the way I wanted, and I believe I was trying to grab people’s attention in a shallow-minded way.”

Tokyo Olympics 2020 kentaro kobayashi Fired
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That’s not the only firing and resigning in Tokyo Olympics. The music composer was also forced to resign from his post cause in a 1900s interview the musician KeigoOyamada bragged about bullying people including his disabled classmates. In March, the ceremony creative director Hiroshi Sasaki of Tokyo Olympics was also forced to resign from his post because of planning a float model that says “Olympic”. Even the chief, head of the Tokyo Olympic committee Yoshiro Mori because he comments that women talk too much in the board meeting.


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