PSG and Mbappe

The French striker, Kylian Mbappe, is currently at the centre of attention amidst ongoing drama between him and his club, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). With his contract set to expire in 2024, Mbappe has yet to show any indication of signing an extension, despite being PSG’s star player and a crucial part of their plans.

This situation has caused a stir in France, with speculations arising about Mbappe’s future if he decides not to extend his contract. If he opts not to, PSG would risk losing him for free next season, a scenario they dread to even contemplate.

Daniel Riolo, a journalist from RMC, expressed his admiration for Mbappe but also cautioned against the club’s overreliance on him. He argued that many successful teams have won the Champions League without Mbappe and that there are plenty of players capable of filling his shoes. Riolo emphasized the importance of transferring Mbappe to avoid the risk of losing him without any compensation, which he deemed a grave mistake.

Riolo also criticized the excessive power that Mbappe seems to wield within the team, pointing out that the player’s influence has extended to managerial decisions. He likened Mbappe’s perceived authority to that of basketball superstar LeBron James, implying that it has gone too far and needs to be addressed.

Jerome Rothen Urges PSG to Retain Mbappe

In contrast, former PSG player Jerome Rothen urged the club to make every effort to retain Mbappe. He emphasized the disastrous consequences of allowing the player to leave for free and urged PSG to provide the necessary reassurances and guarantees to keep the world’s best player on their team.

Overall, the situation surrounding Mbappe’s contract extension has sparked differing opinions in France, with some advocating for his transfer to avoid losing him without compensation, while others stress the significance of retaining him and securing his long-term commitment to PSG.

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