Tokyo olympic Anti Sex bed

An athlete said that the rumours that were going on about giving cardboard beds to the competitors don’t have any different motive.

Some contestants suspect that the cardboard making bed they were given the board is so that they can’t bring any partner with them and can’t have sex.

In the report, it was saying that the bed is made in such a way that if adding more than one person weight is added to it, the bed could break down.

It was stated that the main purpose of making such things is to prevent two people from getting closer to each other in the bed. Through this, every player will have to obey the social distance.

But the maker of the bed company said that their bed can take weigh up to 200 kg. No competitors weighed more than 200 kg in the 2016 Olympics.

Paul Chelimo of team USA jokingly writes on social media that the main message of those beds is “athletes should not be too close with each other.”

Though he said that making fun of social distance matters but the news spread out rapidly and it creates the rumour that Japan Olympics gave anti-sex beds to the players.

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Are those beds are really anti-sex?

The rumours spread so much and it creates enormous babel. A 21-year-old athletic Rhys McClenaghan wanted to examine the rumours that it’s really true or not.

To identify the authenticity of the rumours McClenaghan did a test. He jumped on the bad and experiment with sudden excessive movement. Well, everything goes well and the bed didn’t break. McClenaghan videoed the whole thing and revealed that the bed was perfect to have sex no one have to worry about it.

Anti Sex bed Test
Photo: Forbes

The Olympic authority thanked McClenaghan on Twitter to proved the rumours wrong.

Everything is eco-friendly:

Olympic authorities reply the McClenaghan tweet by saying, “Thank you for saying the rumour is fake,”

They also said, “Now you’ve heard of the Irish team’s gymnast Reese McClenaghan in his own words – this eco-friendly cardboard bed is pretty sturdy!”

Environmental protection and the use of environmentally friendly materials have been given priority in the planning of the Tokyo Olympics.

The electricity used in the Olympic Games is being used using renewable energy sources.

The Olympic torch is made by using waste aluminium and the medal is also made by recycling consumer goods.


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