Augusta National Changes for the 2022 Masters Tournament
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For the 2022 Masters, Augusta National will be remodeled. Not much, given the improvements to the golf course were minor as have practically all course and grounds adjustments over the years. But it will play differently this year.
If you look closely, you can see how Augusta National is continuing to update and improve its crown jewel of a course, as it has always done. The club noted some of the changes coming for the upcoming edition of its tournament in its newly released guide for the 2022 Masters.

Augusta National is the most recognizable golf course in the world. As a result, even minor adjustments can have a big impact on consumers and viewers. Because we notice them differently than we would if we were in Bay Hill or Congressional. These modifications will likely have an impact on how the 2022 Masters are played. The course approach will shift, and judgments will differ from what they would have been otherwise.

Here are the significant changes in three of their famous holes.

White Dogwood

The Masters tees were shifted 15 yards to the left of the player. On the right side of the fairway, numerous trees were removed and the fairway was recontoured. Since the fairway was expanded 14 years ago in 2008, this is the first modification to No. 11. However, based on satellite footage from the previous year, this was one of the most expected modifications. The tee box relocation is significant, but the elimination of the trees is more significant in terms of strategy on this course. Instead of being compelled to hit it up the left side, golfers now have options.


The tees for the Firethorn Masters were moved back 20 yards, and the fairway was rerouted. It was previously a 530-yard hole, will now play 550 yards. Adding to the drama of whether players may take their second shots over the water in front of the 15th green for a chance at eagle with the tournament on the line this weekend. That’s an exciting prospect, and all of these adjustments are merely restorations of the golf course’s strategic integrity.


Thirteen yards were added to the back of the Masters’ tees without changing the hole’s length.

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This tweak is minor, but it should have been in place in 2018. Jordan Spieth was trying to shoot 62 to beat Patrick Reed at the Masters on Sunday. But bogeyed the last after clipping a tree off the tee. It’s not sure how much this alters strategy, but depending on the pin position, it might influence club choices coming into the 18th green. Although this appears to be the smallest of the modifications, it will be interesting to hear what players have to say about it.

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