signing of Dwight Howard

It looks like the Golden State Warriors are almost ready to decide whether to sign Dwight Howard. Jason Dumas of KRON4 was told by sources that the free-agent center just finished two days of interviews with the Warriors.

Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and other experienced players at Golden State are said to have agreed to the team’s plans to sign the future Hall of Famer.

In the 2021–22 NBA season, Howard played 60 games for the Los Angeles Lakers. That was the last time we saw him.

He played for the Taoyuan Leopards in Taiwan last year and joked that he was trying to get other NBA players to come play with him in Asia for most of the season.

Even though Howard seemed to enjoy his time in Taiwan, it looks like the big man is trying to make one last run in the NBA.

Though the Warriors haven’t made a final choice yet, it makes sense for them to sign Howard since they don’t have many options in the frontcourt. That being said, here are three good reasons for the Golden State Warriors to sign Dwight Howard.

  1. The one signing that addresses the Warriors’ biggest need

Dwight Howard fills what is probably the Warriors’ biggest need: a big man who can give them much-needed strength and size up front. The only real center on the team is Kevon Looney, and even he is too small for the job.

Looney is only 6 feet 9 inches tall, but his strength, effort, and hustle get him by. However, the Warriors won’t be able to use Looney against some of the league’s best big men, like Nikola Jokic, the reigning NBA Finals MVP and will get in the way of their quest for another title.

With Howard on the court, the renowned NBA Expert Picks selectors are predicting Steve Kerr will have more options for the five-man units he can use. He gives the Warriors a player that they can use against bigger teams.

The Warriors will still play small ball, which they do best, even though Howard is going to town. That is still their ticket to the title game.

But guys like Looney and Draymond Green, who play a lot of center minutes, will have less to do during the regular season with the 37-year-old aboard.

  1. Dwight Howard is aware of his role and the reasons why he’s signing

As he moves forward in his work, Dwight Howard’s knowledge of his part is an important trait. Although some people have a bad opinion of the 37-year-old, he is an example for past stars who need to learn how to move down in their careers.

We saw him deal with that firsthand because Howard played for the Los Angeles Lakers. Working as a backup big man was very important in helping LeBron James and Anthony Davis win a title.

Howard was happy with his job and wasn’t upset about coming off the bench. He was great at getting rebounds and protecting the basket, and the Lakers needed his toughness and energy to win.

Additionally, Howard’s decision to continue his basketball career in Taiwan, where he was named an All-Star eight times and a Defensive Player of the Year three times, should be enough to show that this man does not have an ego.

When Howard joins Golden State, he’ll probably do the same thing. Anytime he’s in the game, the Warriors will need his size and toughness in the paint to protect the rim.

Additionally, they need a person who will not make any excuses and will do his job. That’s exactly what Howard can bring.

  1. There will be a good vibe around the court when Dwight Howard is there.

Throughout most of his time, Dwight Howard did not have the best reputation. Many people thought that his silly and disrespectful behavior made the changing room a bad place.

Howard’s personality seems to have grown on fans, especially when he went to play in Taiwan last season.

Howard being in the locker room should help ease the stress, drama, and changes that the Warriors have been through in the last few years.

Players in the NBA have said that defending a title and other events during the 2022–23 season hurt Golden State.

Thanks to Howard, there should be a good vibe throughout the whole company. His friendly attitude might not be for everyone, but he could make people feel better.

With their desire to win another title, the Warriors have put a lot of stress on themselves. Having a guy like Howard around can make a huge difference to bring good vibes and make things a little easier.

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