Tiger Woods, the new billionaire sportsman

Professional sports now have its trio of billionaire athletes.

According to Forbes magazine, Tiger Woods joined LeBron James and Michael Jordan by crossing the threshold of one billion dollars in net financial value.

Tiger Woods and LeBron James entered the circle of greatest sporting wealth the same week with Michael Jordan, who reached one billion in retirement in 2014.

Forbes estimates that Woods’ income on the golf course accounts for only 10% of his total wealth. Many of its assets come from advertising and sponsorships with Nike, TaylorMade, and Gatorade.

In addition to his scholarships and sponsors, Tiger Woods has invested in several companies such as golf course design called TGR Design, TGR Live, and TGR Ventures.

Despite Woods making headlines for various reasons since 2009, his fortune has continued to flourish. Mainly at rest due to a car accident in the last 12 months, the famous golfer still managed to touch more than $ 68 million off the courts. 

It points to 14e rank of the best athletes in the world despite his inactivity in 2021.

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