Tiger Woods Masters 2022
Photo: PGA of America

Tiger Woods is practicing in the Augusta National for the 2022 Masters Tournament. The Augusta National Golf Club confirms his arrival at the course.

The whole golf world is waiting for the first major the 2022 Master Tournament. The preparation for the tournament has started a long ago. All the competitors in the tournament are building themselves with all their skills and power for the most prestigious golf tournament. The organizer of the tournament is also fixing everything for upcoming contests.

Candidate for qualifier players of Masters is coming to Augusta National golf course for pre-practicing. Among the competitors, a name came that shocked everyone.

Since the begging of the year, everyone was asking about Tiger Woods’s plan and when will he return to the course. He didn’t answer that question directly at any time. And recently, Woods was spotted on the Augusta National Golf course on Tuesday. The five-time Masters Tournament winner is practicing at the course means a lot to all his fans.

An anonymous source reported to Sports Illustrated about the appearance of Woods on the Augusta National golf course. Later the American sports magazine confirms the arrival of Woods on the tournament course.

A Twitter account that belongs to the Augusta National Golf Club posted a picture of Woods’s private jet on the course. On that account, Augusta National golf club said that they are officially confirming that the plane of Tiger Woods is on the Master 2022 ground.

Tiger Woods came into the tournament with his son and fried Justine Thomas. They are helping Woods to get back on the course again. A few days ago we got another piece of news about the practicing of Woods for the Masters. It was reported that he joined with his caddie Joe LaCava in the medalist country. They were most probably practicing for the Masters 2022. However, a few days later of that report a source said to CBS that the caddie actually was Rob McNamara, a friend of Woods.

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Will Tiger Woods Participate in the 2022 Masters Tournament?

The Masters Tournament 2022 is now just a week ahead of us. On April 7, the first major golf tournament of the year will start its journey. The club spotted and confirm the arrival of Tiger Woods in the Augusta National Club.

Tiger Woods has come to the course for some prep work before going for the final round. He has previously won that Masters title and wears the Green Jacket five times. He hasn’t played any tournament since his accident at the begging of 2021. Woods last played a tournament at Augusta National in 2020. So, his return with Masters will be a memorable event for everyone.

Even though, Woods appeared and practiced on the course doesn’t mean that he will surely play in the tournament. He hasn’t officially said anything yet about his playing in Masters 2022.

We can all hope that Woods will play at the 2022 Masters Tournament. He previously said he isn’t sure about the participants in the tournament. Woods also said that his body isn’t fully prepared yet to run all over the course.

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