Tony Ferguson's impressive knockout
Tony Ferguson's impressive knockout

Tony Ferguson’s impressive knockout: The American veteran was knocked out in the UFC by a kick of unprecedented violence.

Tony Ferguson had never been knocked out in the octagon in his long UFC career. The beautiful series of this veteran of MMA (38 years old) came to a violent end Saturday in Phoenix.

The 38-year-old Californian (26 wins-7 losses) suffered an impressive knockout on a devastating front kick from Michael Chandler.

After 14 seconds in the 2nd round, Ferguson collapsed, face down, hit on the chin by his opponent’s right foot. After being treated by the doctors, the fighter took long seconds to recover his spirits.

After two consecutive losses to Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje, Chandler (22v-7d) has recovered well and wants to challenge Conor McGregor.

You have to come back and fight someone,” Chandler said. I am the most entertaining lightweight on the planet. But I want to raise the stakes, Conor. I want you at your best; I want you in your best shape. You and I at 170 (pounds, 77 kg, welterweight) this summer, this fall, this winter.”

“It would be a good shock against this guy, a fireworks display. I like welterweight. I’m ready to fight this guy at some point in my career,” said McGregor, who hasn’t fought since losing to Dustin Poirier in July 2021, his 2nd in a row against the American.

I like being built like a refrigerator

Conor McGregor

The Irish superstar does not see himself in any case challenging the Brazilian Charles Oliveira, who also challenged him Saturday night after his success against Justin Gaethje by submission in the lightweight (70 kg).

“I’m not sure I want to lose weight,” McGregor wrote. I like being built like a refrigerator. I think I want to fight at this weight just to be able to look at myself, lol.

But I would love to fight the Brazilian, 100%! I love Brazil; I’m undefeated against Brazil. Only knockouts. I have to think…”

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Oliveira, who has won 11 consecutive fights, lost his lightweight belt due to an overweight of 200 grams during the weigh-in the day before his fight against Gaethje. The lightweight title is therefore up for grabs.

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