Manchester City vs Tottenham Match
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Manchester City has always been at the top-ranked in the championship leaderboard. Their performance under the observation of Pep Guardiola is outstanding. They are ruling all over the UEFA Champions, every single team in the tournament is afraid to face Guardiola’s team.

After seeing Man City’s performance and continuously winning rate, most of the people already set their mind that this year once again Man City will take the trophy home. Everyone was failed to stop them. At that time last night, Man City surprisingly lost a match against Tottenham. Is this the start of their falling, many people raise this question.

For a long Guardiola’s squads, Man City forgets the test of loss. Before started playing in the Etihad stadium they were unbeaten for 15 matches. 15 matches before, Man City lost a game against Crystal Palace, and after that 14 wins and one draw. Man City was literally flying and Tottenham finally break their wings. Moreover, Tottenham got that victory in the City’s home field.

Kane scored two times for Tottenham and Dejan Kulusevski scored one goal. Among the three goals, Son Heung Min assists in two. On the other hand, IlkayGundogan and RiyadMahrez scored one goal each for Man City.

Even after this loss, Man City is in the top place of points leaderboard. Man City total played 26 matches in that tournament, their current point is 63. Liverpool is in the second position with 57 points. Liverpool played 25 matches, so they could reach first place any time now. If Liverpool can reduce the points gap with Man City then the tournament excitement will increase to the sky.

Currently, the third position is now owned by Chelsea with 50 points, played in 25 matches. And in the fourth-ranked, we see Manchester United with 43 points played in 25 matches. After the win against Manchester City, Tottenham’s current points are 39 in 23 matches.

Tottenham vs Manchester City Match Preview:

As in the other games, Manchester City was in control of balls for most of the time. They continued their attack towards Tottenham’s goal post all the time. The ball was in the feet of Manchester City’s for 72%. They tried to goal for so many times, take chances to break the Tottenham shield. But each time their effort went into vain.

Every time Man City came close to the goal post they suddenly became confused and seemed like they had no idea what to do next. They took 21 shots and only six of them were able to hit the target.

Tottenham starting was truly good and that has a huge impact on the whole game. They got their first goal from Gundogan. But Tottenham couldn’t enjoy the pleasure of staying ahead for too long, their goalkeeper can be blamed for that. He didn’t save the pass from Raheem Sterling and instead of doing so he, unfortunately, passes the ball forward.

And City got another goal from here. Kane then did another goal at the beginning of the second half. City managed to bring the match in an equal position at the given extra times with a penalty. But just after the last goal from Man City at 90+2 minutes, Kane did another goal won the game.

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