Tyson Fury responds after Dillian Whyte signs contract for the Fury vs Whyte Fight

Fury vs Whyte Confirmed
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After so many speculations and muddles, Dillian Whyte finally agrees to sign the deal to fight Tyson Fury. There have been so many talks and controversies about the fight. Plus Fury and the promoting company didn’t agree to fulfill the demands of Whyte.

Anyway, after a lot of thinking, Whyte finally signed the deal just a few hours before the deadline.

Tyson Fury is now the best boxer in the UK and no one is equal to his strength and popularity. The Gipsy King is truly a king in the boxing arena. At the end of the last year, he fought with Wilder. At that time Fury told his fans about his next plan which was his bucket list and next fight. He said back then that after beating Wilder for the third time and for the final time, he will next takedown the crown from Whyte. He had a plan to face Joshua first but as Joshua was already scheduled in a rematch Usyk, that’s why Fury switch his fight to Whyte.

The funny thing is Fury doesn’t believe that Joshua can win against Usyk this time either. Fury offers himself to train Joshua a few days ago. There was also a rumor going on a few months back that Fury will fight Usyk if Joshua is willing to cancel his rematch with Usyk.

Anyway, all the rumors and talk are now over. Whyte is now on the board and agrees to fight Fury. The fight bid won the Queensberry Promotions chief Frank Warren, that’s cost them $41 Million US dollars. They offered a deal to Whyte where Tyson will get paid 80% shares and Whyte will get 20 of it.

Well, this huge difference made Whyte angry. He took it very badly and as disrespect to him. He was asking to get paid more money. Many people also think that Whyte should get more payment share.

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But the company and Fury disappoint him. They didn’t a single percent of the share for Whyte. But after a lot of drama and social media talk, Whyte finally the contract. There is a chance that the fight match will take place on April 23 but nothing is set for sure yet. Fury will fight in his homeland after a long time gap. He last fought on UK soil in 2018 at Windsor Park in Belfast against Francesco Pianeta.

Tyson Fury’s comment after Dillian Whyte sign the deal:

Well, we know Fury, he never relieves anyone if he gets the chance to make fun of others. He did that with Whyte too right after the contracts are done.

Fury says, “Oh my God. Dillian Whyte’s signed his contract for $8 million dollars. What a surprise!” “An absolute idiot. Should this even be a talking point? The man signed, for the biggest payday he’s ever going to get in his life.”

Fury also said sarcastically, “Oh my God, my head hurts from all the mind-games that Dillian Whyte’s been playing on me. Oh my God. I’m so sore. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. My training camp’s a mess.”

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