Tyson Fury says Joshua will lose in the Joshua vs Usyk rematch

Tyson Fury Predict Joshua vs Usyk Fight
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Tyson Fury the WBC heavyweight champion always becomes the headline for commenting on the upcoming boxing matches. His thought on the Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk caught the eyes of everyone. His thought on the loss of Joshua doesn’t just stay in his head now. It’s made everyone’s thoughts that how AJ will perform in his next fight.

Joshua is about to face one of his biggest rivals Usyk in a few months. He made the rivalry with Usyk last year in September. That was one of the most important and biggest fights of this year. To be honest, at that time all the odds and facts supported the winning chance of AJ. But we all know how a boxing situation can be changed. It’s truly unpredictable what will happen next in boxing. At that Usyk gave his life’s best performance and defeat the British celebrity. They played the match for twelve rounds and then Usyk won the match by unanimous decision.

After the loss against Usyk, AJ immediately fixed a rematch contract with Usyk. They both signed the deal to fight again. So, as per the contract, both players are preparing themselves to face each other once again. This time Usyk will protect his title and AJ will try to regain his lost pride.

In general, it’s a good deal for AJ, he got a huge time to prepare himself once again. He can get back what was once owned by him and take his revenge. He still got almost two months to fully become unstoppable.

But, Tyson Fury doesn’t like the idea of Joshua. Fury doesn’t think Joshua can win the match this time either. As of Fury’s thought, Joshua still has to learn so many techniques to overcome Usyk. And the timing isn’t in favor of Joshua.

Tyson advised AJ that he should escape the fight now cause Anthony got a very chance of winning. Fury thinks that if Joshua is brilliant and thinking correctly then he won’t participate in the fight and will cancel it.

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In an interview with IFL TV, Fury says, “I personally, don’t think it’s gonna happen because Joshua doesn’t want it, and secondly if it does happen, which it won’t, I think Usyk stops him this time.”

Back in the few months before when Joshua was finding a new coach for his fight, Fury offers him that he will teach Joshua how to fight. All through the talk didn’t go any further.

Tyson Fury’s next match and Joshua’s response:

Fury’s next bout is scheduled with Dillian Whyte. Though it’s not completely fixed yet cause Whyte is having problems with promoting and making money. Fury has already signed the contract and Whyte got six more days to fix the date for real.

If Joshua doesn’t fight with Usyk then Fury would have challenged Usyk. But Fury has no intention to fight Joshua now. He avoids bout with Joshua saying, “I would fight Usyk seven days in a week, 62 times on a Sunday in his backyard. I would fight Usyk and Joshua on the same night, I do not value them, they are bums compared to me.”

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