Fury vs. Whyte PPV Price
Photo: Boxing News 24

On April 23, Fury will face Whyte in Wembley Stadium. This will be the UK’s one of the biggest boxing matches. Last night they set the PPV price for Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte fight. The PPV of the fight will cost you 24.95 euros.

Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte in the heavyweight division for the WBC World title belt fight ready to undergo. The beginning preparation for the fight has started. Wembley Stadium is waiting for the boxers to come and fight for the most honorable belt. The bout of Fury vs. Whyte is not just about the title or winning. It is also about the pride in their blood and strength. The fight is mostly important for the Whyte. Cause Fury has insulted Whyte in many ways. So, Whyte will surely try his best to take revenge.

The bout of Fury vs Whyte will be broadcast by the BT Sports Box Office. You can watch the whole event of the fight with BT Sports. The tournament will run for five hours straight. You will have to buy the PPV of the event to watch the main event.

The event will start around 6 PM to 7 PM. This will feature early fights of the event. Some pretty great boxers will compete in the undercards. It will be a wise decision to watch them all. The Gypsy King will walk into the ring to fight against BodySnathcer at around 10 PM.

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Except for BT Sports Box Office, there are other sites too which will also broadcast the biggest boxing match of the year. You can watch the live stream of Fury vs Whyte also using BT Sports, Virgin TV, Sky Sports, and other websites.

The Controversy Around Whyte vs. Fury Match:

Since Whyte closed the deal between him and Fury, the fight has created so many controversies. We all know how Fury reacts and behave toward others. He always behaves very meanly with everyone and especially with his opponents. Fury uses every single chance to insult his opponents. He made Whyte look bad everywhere.

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Fury gives the very little percent of the fight share to Whyte. Whyte wanted a seat at their conference for his mother. But Fury uses his power and dismisses Whyte’s will. Like that, Fury did so many things that are a pure insult for a boxer.

But Whyte didn’t leave the deal. He is determined about the fight. He is ready to sacrifice his everything to defeat Fury. Whyte didn’t appear in their final conference. Instead, he stayed at home and did his training.

Indeed, fury has a very successful career; after turning professional, he didn’t lose any game. He is the boss of boxing now. On the other hand, Whyte is also a very successful boxer. But, he knows the taste of loss. In simple eyes, Fury has more chance to win over Whyte. But many boxing specialists believe that Whyte will end their winning career of Fury.


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