Champions League final new location
Photo: The New York Times

Champions League final out was decided first to be held on Russia. But currently, they have moved away from their decision considering the present Russia Ukraine situation.

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is decided to be moved from St. Petersburg to the UEFA Champions League final. The final match of the championship is scheduled to be held on May 28 at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg.

According to several European media reports, UEFA is considering moving the final match from this Russian city. Besides, the new venue for this final match has been finalized. They would like to move the venue from Russia to France due to the Ukraine attack.

A statement from UEFA said, “The final of the 2022 UEFA Champions League is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg. But all we can tell you is that UEFA is keeping a close watch on the whole issue. If necessary, necessary decisions will be made.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already spoken to Russia about the matter. That’s where this marquee final match is discussed. Johnson told parliament: “The whole situation is being monitored enough. ”

In the last two years, the Champions League final has already been moved. Earlier, it was decided that the final match of the Champions League would be held at this stadium in St. Petersburg. But due to corona, it was initially moved to Porto in Portugal. On the other hand, the 2020 final match was also moved from Istanbul to Lisbon, Portugal. Instead, Russia was tasked with hosting the final. However, the 2023 final match is scheduled to be held in Istanbul.

In this context, let me tell you that at the moment, one ballistic missile attack after another is going on. The whole of Ukraine is shaking. There has been considerable damage caused by missile strikes at multiple locations in southeastern Ukraine. The sound of one explosion after another is coming from 11 cities, including Kiev and Kharkiv.

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Russia, however, said it was not attacking populated areas. The Russian army has already captured two cities. In the face of the attack, two cities in the Luhansk region of Ukraine have surrendered to the army. Ukraine shot down five Russian planes and a helicopter in retaliation.

Smart move of the UEFA authority:

The Russia-Ukraine war is also going to have an impact on football this time. Ukraine is plagued by Russian attacks. The situation is terrible all over Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war in Ukraine on Thursday morning. Fears of war have intensified since Putin declared the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, two separatist regions on Ukraine’s eastern border, an independent state.

On Thursday, it rang. One attack after another is going on. The number of deaths is rising. One by one, the sound of explosions came out. The mobile connection system has also been damaged. Missile attacks are also reportedly underway in Kiev and Kharkiv. A state of emergency has been declared in Ukraine. The European Football Federation sees the crisis situation. UEFA calls for an emergency meeting on the Champions League’s future.

Europe’s football governing body called a meeting of the executive committee on Friday. The Champions League final was discussed at the meeting. The Champions League final is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 28. UEFA is thinking of shifting the final as the situation is grim. European lawyers have appealed to UEFA to move the Champions League final.

In their decision, they choose Paris’ Stade de France for their next venue.

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