Weili Zhang vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Tonight, Weili Zhang, the number 2 in the strawweight division, and former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk will compete on the main card of UFC 275 in Singapore.

In their first meeting, which took place in the co-main event of UFC 248, the two women fought one of the best fights in the history of the organization. 

Two years later, Zhang and Jedrzejczyk are about to meet in the Octagon.

During the pre-fight week before UFC 275, several UFC fighters made predictions about this long-awaited rematch. 

Here they are:

Grant Dawson (lightweight): “I have to choose Joanna; the first fight was very close. Now that Zhang has been beaten twice, there are holes in his game, and Jedrzjeczyk can make it happen. 

Gabe Green (welterweight): “I’m leaning towards Joanna by the decision; it should be another good fight.”

Damon Jackson (featherweight): “I think of Jedrzejczyk, but Zhang is a tough guy. It’s such a close fight that I don’t really know.

Joe Solecki (lightweight): “I think Joanna will win.”

Tyson Nam (featherweight): “It’s difficult, but I would say Joanna Jedrzjecyzk. I think the rest time will benefit her.”

Christos Giagos (lightweight): “I would say Jedrzjeczyk by decision.”

Brandon Royval (featherweight): “This fight is a real pile or face, but I will lean towards Joanna by decision.”

Chris Curtis (middleweight): “I’ll say Joanna Jedrzejcyzk, I’ve never been super impressed with Weili. I would say, Joanna.

Ode Osbourne (featherweight): “It’s difficult; I’ll say Weili Zhang again, just because Joanna hasn’t fought since.”

Jeff Molina (featherweight): “That first fight was closer and tighter than I thought. I saw him again the other day, and I will lean towards Joanna, but it is a question to be decided.

And you, what is your prognosis for this highly anticipated shock?

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