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The combatants of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are up in arms because the company’s CEO, Dana White, gave a YouTuber $250,000 in cash for his birthday but has remained silent on the problem of fighter pay.

A video was taken of a mixed martial arts (MMA) kingpin giving a vlogger on YouTube a gift of $250,000 in cash on his 28th birthday. Kyle Forgeard was the recipient of the gift.
Nelk is a well-known YouTube channel and entertainment firm. It creates viral material for social media platforms, and Forgeard is one of the people that founded the company.

Nelk has amassed millions of fans and followers across all social media platforms. And he has just begun working as a sponsor with White and the UFC. White has been a friend to the people who started Nelk for a very long time.

The UFC Fighters are not happy with this move. Aljamain Sterling said,

“.Dope! My birthday is July 31st! Can’t wait to see what Dana gets me! @danawhite”

Fighter Jon Fitch tweeted “He’s giving away the money he stole from fighters.”

Despite this, some mixed martial arts (MMA) fans have come to White’s defense, stating that the UFC president is free to spend his money any way he sees fit.

Modelo Said, “It’s Dana’s money though not ufc money. Should he have a cap on how much he can gift people personally?

Fighters with lower rankings in the UFC have frequently brought up their financial struggles, claiming that the cash they receive from Dana White is not enough to cover their training expenditures, management bills, or taxes.

The revenue split that is offered by the UFC provides its fighters with an approximate 18% compensation of the total money that is produced from the promotion on an annual basis.It is a very small portion of what athletes in other professional sports leagues receive as compensation for their participation.

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