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For Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the world is facing so many problems and critical situations. It affects the whole world and the football community isn’t free from its bad effects. Cause of the war, Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea has decided to sell his club. This a heartbreaking news for all the Chelsea fans.

Abramovich was in charge of the club for a long time. He is controlling and maintaining the club since 2003. With time he made the club world’s most dangerous and strong club. Everyone will miss him, especially the management board and Chelsea’s boss Thomas Tuchel.

On the bidding of Chelsea, recently UFC star Conor McGregor made a surprise appearance. McGregor has always been a die-hard fan of football. He follows matches and football news daily. Now his bidding to buy a football club proves it once again.

After Abramovich declare that he wanted to sell the club people immediately showed a response to buy the world’s top-ranked club. Many people are interested to be the new owner of Chelsea. Mcgregor is one of them who seems very much interested to explore a new genre of sports.

Unlike others, McGregor said about his desire to buy the club on social media. He posted on his Twitter that he want to be the new mastermind of club Chelsea. He posted on Twitter about buying the club by writing, “I wish to explore this, Chelsea FC (mentioned).”

This was his first attempt on the matter of purchasing Chelsea. And later McGregor put his name on the bidding list. That shows us that he is not joking but serious about the club. Mcgregor posted on Twitter, “I hereby put forward my offer of £1.5bn.” Well, that is the whole case with McGregor and Chelsea. Chelsea management didn’t say anything yet about McGregor wanting to buy the club.

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Chances of Conor McGregor to win Chelsea’s bid and other bidders:

Will McGregor win the bid of Chelsea? Umm, to be honest, we don’t think so. There is almost no chance for him to win the bidding race. If he tries in a different path then it may be possible but what he offers and buying club all by himself is quite hard for him. Even though he is one of the highest-paid athletes in the whole world but buying a club like Chelsea isn’t an easy job.

Abramovich said bidding for buying Chelsea will start from £3 billion. The price tag on the club is £3 billion so there is almost no chance for McGregor to be the owner of Chelsea. But if he tries to bring investors and share the ownership then he may win the bid.

Before that, McGregor once tried to buy a club. That time he tried for Manchester United which is his favorite team. He supports and is a die-hard fan of United.

Except for him, other bidders are Todd Boehly and Hansjorg Wyss, two other tycoons, as well as Muhsin Bayrak. Among all these investors Bayrak has the highest possibility to win the bid. He has already contacted the lawyers of Chelsea about buying the club.

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