smith machine squat death video

Social media sees videos going viral from time to time. Sadly, a video of a woman dying during a smith machine squat has recently grabbed the attention of people over the internet. People’s hearts have shattered with grief after witnessing the mother’s horrific death in front of her daughter, who stands helplessly and begs for assistance.

Smith Machine Squat Death Video

The horrid video was filmed at Gym Fitness Sports gymnasium, in the Paralvillo neighborhood of Mexico City. The victim in question is yet to be identified. As seen in the video, she was estimated to be 35-40 years old. She was there with her daughter. Her daughter was helping the woman try to lift 180kg when the unfortunate incident took place. A 400-pound barbell fell straight on the victim, resulting in her neck being crushed into the bench. The whole incident reportedly occurred in front of the woman’s daughter.

The barbell was heavy enough to crush her neck on spot. Although, the trainers are seen trying to lift the barbell. Due to its heavy weight, he couldn’t help the victim in time. Other people soon joined him but unfortunately, by then the victim had already passed away. The video soon afterward went viral on several social media including Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can watch the full video below. But viewer discretion is advised.

People’s Reactions Online Watching the Video

People all over online felt horrified and remorseful after witnessing the sad tragedy. One person twitted, “you will never catch me on a smith machine because of that video of the lady… never ever”. Another person wrote, “The video of the lady in Mexico getting crushed to death by the smith machine will forever haunt me”.

What is a Smith Machine?

A smith machine is a very common type of weight machine. It includes a barbell attached to a squat rack. The machine can move vertically. It can be used for several purposes as designing an entire workout regime or acting as a spotter when lifting alone. It is commonly used both in commercial gyms and at home.

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Surprisingly, the woman’s death is not the first for a Smith machine malfunction. Previously, a 41-old0man collapsed while using a smith machine. He was reportedly working out at a 247 Fitness gym in Hong Kong. The unfortunate event took place in May 2021. A barbell fell on the victim resulting in him being crushed on spot. He got dragonized with a coma and died six days later at a local hospital.

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