West Ham vs Sevilla
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Last night West Ham earned the most dramatic win after a decade. The audience and the whole world witnessed one of the most amazing football matches in history. The grass of London Stadium will remember the match forever.

Team West Ham started a new beginning of their journey last night. They beat the unbeatable and defeated the Europa League’s most dangerous club of all time. Surely it will be written as the greatest victory of West Ham in their book. This win over Sevilla raises hopes and made the West Ham players more confident about their upcoming matches.

Sevilla is now the name of fear when it comes to Europa League. They are considered the boss of the Europa League. Sevilla won Europa Cup six times and in the last 9 years, they won four times.

Sevilla was considered unbeatable in Europ Cup. This season they were also dominating the tournament. So, stopping them is really a big deal for every club. The victory over Sevilla brings so much love and appreciation for West Ham from all over the world. Players and critics from all over the world admire the performance of West Ham players.

The first 30 minutes were going well for both teams. Both clubs were playing softly and were trying to find the right moment. Just before the 6 minutes of halftime West Ham got an opportunity and they seized it right away.

At 39 minutes Tomas Soucek made the first goal for West Ham. It puts both clubs in a tied aggregate. For the next half time, Sevilla played with all their strengths but they failed to score any goal. In the extra minutes, West Ham again scored one goal which came from Andriy Yarmolenko. This goal secured West Ham’s position in the quarter-final.

Ham reached this far in Europa League Cup after 41 years. All the fans, players, and team management are very much happy and optimistic about the next matches of West Ham.

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Michail Antonio who served the club for a long time and stayed with the club’s hard time says, “I have been here for seven years and the only atmosphere that came close to this was the last game at the Boleyn Ground. I said at the start, the atmosphere was absolutely roaring. We fear nobody. We are in it to win it and now we are in the quarters, why can’t we win it?”

David Moyes who once promised that he will create a new West Ham says about the over the excitement of players that they should get used to big victories like that.

Declan Rice sends warning to Barcelona:

Declan Rice is very much optimistic about their next matches. He believes that they can take down any quarter-finalists which include Barcelona, Lyon, RB Leipzig, Rangers, Eintracht Frankfurt, Atalanta, Braga, and others.

When the interviewer what about Barca then Rice says, “We can go away anywhere and get a result, and teams coming here know they’re in for a game when they step into this stadium with our fans, so I’m ready to take anyone.”

“Yeah, it would be special to go there and face Barcelona.”

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