Real Madrid and Liverpool
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The European League-best team will compete for the final round on Saturday night in the changed venue. The world’s two biggest forward Real Madrid and Liverpool will face each other tonight,

Football fans from all around the world are shinding surrounding the match.

More than 400 million people will keep their eyes on the television to watch the match.

Spain Championship League winner Real Madrid will face the English Premier League second team, Liverpool. Liverpool misses the English Premier League championship cup just for one point.

Paris, the city of France will host the match.

The match will take place at the Stade De France.

80,000 people can seat in the stadium at a time.

At first, the champions league final match of this season was set to take place at Saint Pittsburgh, Russia.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the European football controller board removed the venue from their plan.

The fights among Europe’s best footballers:

The world’s two biggest forward will face each other tonight, Madrid French striker Karim Benzema and Liverpool’s Missouri forward Mohamed Salah.

Fans are mainly putting their all hopes and faith on these two-player.

Mohamed Salah scored 8 goals in this season’s champions league and premier league he scored 23 goals.

Before starting the game he already threatens Real Madrid. He says, ”

In 2018’s champions league final Salah got injured by Ramos’s hit.

Fans will keep their eyes on Sadio Mane and Diogo Jota too. These two Liverpool forward scored around 31 goals for their team.

But Thiago Alcantara, Liverpool’s strongest person in midfield got injured last Sunday. His appearance in the final game is uncertain.

Joe Gomez and Fabinho will be in charge of Liverpool’s midfield.

Fabinho once played a match for Real Madrid in 2013.

This season, Benzema almost single-handled bring Real Madrid to the champions league final. He scored in every important match.

He scored a hat-trick in two matches in a row. And he total scored 15 goals in this running season.

In La Liga, his score is also the highest, with 27 goals.

Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo and Luca Madrid will help Benzema in the field.

But both teams will need nerve power besides skills power.

In this fact, Luca Madrid has the biggest possibility to become the strongest player in the match. He played in the champions league finals and world cup final before.

Vinicius Jr has also the huge possibility to become the fate of the match. Eder Militao will take on the defence sector and experienced players like Casemiro will handle the midfield sector.

If Alcantara failed to appear in the field then this will cause huge damage to Liverpool. Cause he is very good at taking control of midfield.

This match is just not the fight of players, it’s also the fight of coach.

Carlo Ancelotti and Yogan Klopp are the best coaches in the modern football era.

In experience, Ancelotti is above Klopp but Klopp is won almost the same amount of matches as Ancelotti.

These two coaches face each other 10 times before. Ancelotti won four times and Klopp won three times.

Ancelotti has the record of winning the champions league with AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Two Clubs’ history in the champions league:

In the Real Madrid trophy cabinet, they have 13 champions league trophies, which is the highest in history.

Real Madrid reached the final 16 times and failed to win the tournament only three times.

Liverpool has six trophies and the English team played in the final nine times.

Liverpool and Real Madrid faced each other in the champions league final two times before.

In 1981, Liverpool defeated Madrid by 1-0. In 2018, Real Madrid win against Liverpool by 3-1 points.

However, these two clubs clash with each other three times more.

In 2009, Liverpool won against Madrid by 5-0 goals in two legs.

Madrid won by 4-0 goal in two legs in 2015. They defeat Liverpool last year by 3-1 goals in two legs in the quarterfinal.

Champions League is almost like the world cup schedule. In the final round, where 32 teams compete for one year before reaching the final.

Previous year’s top club in the Europe country with the highest points get the opportunity to play in that event.

After the group round, 16 teams play in the second round, four teams play in the semifinals and the final two teams compete for the most honourable trophy in the club tournament.

Till the semifinals, the event plays home and away matches which are called two-leg games.

At first, the rule was, that if two teams scored the same in a combined leg then the winner was selected by the first game-winner. But now, one team must have to score more than another team to reach the next round.

Champions League Final Prize Money:

The champion league winner earned the right to play in the next champions league without any qualifying round. It’s the biggest prize even considering the financial sector.

Real Madrid and Liverpool will get $17.59 million for just reaching the final. The winner of the tournament will receive $22.69 million.

The winner of the champions league will play at the UEFA super cup where they will play against second class Europa League Champions Eintracht Frankfurt.

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