Canadian sports teams

Canada is famous for some of its sports teams, although that is far from a surprise, given the fact that sport is part of the country’s culture. So many residents from the Great White North are engrossed in sports from a young age, playing and following their favorite sports is something that just becomes the norm.

Because of the culture, Canadian sports teams have some of the most passionate fanbases in the world. There are millions that continue to support and cheer on their teams in a variety of different ways, as they each look to show how much it means to them to be a part of the team’s following.

Some may look to go to every event possible, while others will make sure they see as many on TV. There have been instances where some will place bets now they are able to use a sports betting platform in the country to enhance the experiences that they can obtain when following their favorite teams.

Naturally, there are some teams from the Great White North that have bigger fan bases than others, but which teams are they?

Toronto Maple Leaf’s

It is impossible not to begin this list of Canadian sports teams with the biggest fanbase without starting off with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The NHL team is one of the oldest in the world and has been one of the most successful in professional hockey history.

While the franchise has disappointed on the ice in recent years, they still attract huge attendances when they play, while millions more continue to watch them on TV and loyally cheer them on.

Montreal Canadiens

On the flip side to the Maple Leaf’s, the Montreal Canadiens are perhaps equally well-backed by fans in the country, with the two franchises being the biggest rivals in the country. The Canadiens are also one of the oldest hockey teams in existence, but they are the most successful when it comes to winning Stanley Cups.

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Again, they have fans throughout the entirety of the country, while their matches are usually attended by sold-out crowds, with millions more watching on through a TV screen.

Toronto Raptors

Given that they are Canada’s only representative in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors have one of the biggest fanbases for a sports team from the region. They are relatively new in comparison to many teams, as they were only established in 1995. Nonetheless, they did become NBA champions in 2019, thus helping to grow their appeal and make them gain more supporters because of their efforts.

Toronto Blue Jays

Perhaps achieving a huge support in the same way that the Raptors do in basketball, the Toronto Blue Jays are well supported by Canadians in baseball as they are the only team in the MLB to come from the Great White North.

The franchise has been able to be successful in the competition, having won two World Series in its history, thus helping to grow its fanbase. Things have been a little more difficult on the mound and at the plate in recent years, but the team is still followed by many passionate fans.

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