Karim Benzema
Photo: CricketSoccer

In a long interview with L’Equipe, the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema confides his report to the officials during the matches.

The statistics are remarkable, even for an attacker. There were zero red cards in more than 800 professional matches and only 12 yellow cards. “I’m not going to put soles; I take care of the ball,” explains the French striker in the columns of L’Equipe.

If the main task of an offensive player is not to defend, his behavior on the field can also be a source of cards. Not for Karim Benzema. “Protests and simulations have never been for anything.

Why do players challenge the referee’s decisions? It drives me crazy when a player on my team does that. He whistled; it’s over; what do you want to do? He can’t go back on it.

And for penalties, now there’s VAR. So there is no point in claiming, “he continues, daily on the sports. Words to be broadcast in all football schools.

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