Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played in so many clubs in his career. Everywhere he went, Ibrahimovic bring huge success to the team. He has played in all three big clubs of Italy- AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus Fc. He played for other countries’ clubs too notably Barcelona, Manchester United, PSG, Loa Angel Galaxy, Malmo FF, and Ajax FC.

Ibrahimovic played for a lot of clubs but he didn’t stay long with anyone. People made jokes and criticism a lot on social media about his frequently changing club. They say Ibrahimovic doesn’t have love or affection towards any club.

But Ibrahimovic’s recent decision for staying at AC Milan would surely shock everyone. This will clear his accusation of not being able to feel attached to the club. Moreover, his love for AC Milan will be an unforgettable memorable event for all football fans.

The Lion of football Ibrahimovic decided to stay with AC Milan for one more year. This 40-year-old footballer is ready sacrifices nearly 3 percent of his salary just to stay with the club. This contact will allow him to play one more season with AC Milan before finally going to retire.

Transferring window-related reliable source Fabrizio Romano told about the new contact of Zlatan. Reporter Fabrizio Romano posted on his Twitter, “Zlatan Ibrahimović has decided to extend his contract with AC Milan! Zlatan will continue for one more season, agreement in place until June 2023.  #ACMilan @SkySport(mentioning AC Milan and Sky Sport).”

“Ibrahimović suffered a knee injury and his recovery will take 6/7 months but he will accept a lower salary.”

The Swedish star is out of the field now for his knee surgery. He will take around six or seven months to return to the field. At that moment Zlatan doesn’t put his salary burden on the club and that’s why he agrees to a wage cut deal.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s new contract:

Milan wants to keep Zlatan at their club. However, they can’t afford to pay seven million dollars to him each season. At that moment Ibrahimovic would face difficulty to find a new club with the same payouts. His current injury situation and age won’t allow it but yet this wasn’t impossible for him either. Anyway, now Milan will pay him 2.5 million for the upcoming season and Ibrahimovic agrees to the deal.

Ibrahimovic played for AC Milan twice. For the first time, he scored 56 goals in 85 matches. And the second time he played 74 matches in three seasons and scored 36 goals.

Ibrahimovic said, “For the past six months I played without an ACL in my left knee. Swollen knee for six months. I was only able to train with the team 10 times in the last six months. Took more than 20 injections in six months. Emptied the knee once a week for six months”

“In my mind I had only one objective, to make my teammates and coach champions of Italy because I made them a promise. Today I have a new ACL and another trophy.”

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