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It will be interesting to see how Baltimore Ravens will differ from last season having added Watkins and Bateman to the team. Can they make it big in 2021?

Week 1 — vs Las Vegas Raiders

The Ravens have a better chance of downing the Raiders probably because of a better offence that includes Lamar Jackson.

Week 2 — vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Purple Murder is in better shape than last year, but we still don’t think they’re good enough to down the Chiefs, who are considered as this year’s Super Bowl contender yet again.

Week 3 — vs. Detroit Lions

Despite playing the Lions away from home, we can fairly agree on how dominant the Ravens are when compared to Detroit’s squad.

Week 4 — vs. Denver Broncos

Broncos lack a good offence, whereas the Ravens have a sublime defence? Do you get where we are going with it?

Week 5 — vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Ravens seem just better equipped to win the game by a narrow margin against the Colts at home.

Week 6 — vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Ravens are likely to cash in on another home game and enjoy this win.

Week 7 — vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow’s addition will definitely improve the outcome for the Bengals in the new season, but we don’t see his singlehanded efforts bearing big fruits for Cincinnati.

The Ravens have no game scheduled for Week 8.

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Week 9 — vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ravens all the way!

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Week 10 — vs. Miami Dolphins

The Fins have a sublime offence and they can penetrate the Ravens’ defence when the time comes. So we will give an edge to Miami in this one.

Week 11 — vs. Chicago Bears

Bears have limited options on the offence and that is likely to cost them the game.

Week 12 — vs. Cleveland Browns

Ravens seem firm favourite in this clash as well.

Week 13 — vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

We expect Baltimore to make hay of the worsening Steelers’ offensive line and hold them to a low score.

Week 14 — vs Cleveland Browns

The Browns are laden with superstars and the right strategy can help them beat top dogs on the NFL roster without breaking a sweat.

Week 15 — vs. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has reportedly agreed to stay with Green Bay Packers. In this case, the Packers are highly likely to overwhelm the Ravens.

Week 16 — vs Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati will be hosting the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16 clash. The hosts are, however, expected to suffer a defeat considering their past clashes. The game might be a thriller, but the Ravens are likely to get their sixth win on the trot against the Bengals.

Week 17 — vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will prove to be too strong, at least, that is what we think.

Week 18 — vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Nothing changes in this one, the Steelers are likely to face another loss at the season’s end.


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