Buffalo Bills: Schedule, Predictions for 2021 NFL season
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Buffalo Bills have one of the strongest line-ups in the NFL, which explains why they are the defending AFC champions. All eyes will be on QB Josh Allen.

Week 1 — Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers did not address their offensive woes last season. Their quarterback isn’t as good as they would want him to be. This is where the Bills can make hay.

Week 2 — vs. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have won five of their last six home games. Considering the Fins’ sublime winning streak at home, we are going to give the edge to Miami.

Week 3 — vs. Washington Football Team

Washington hasn’t quite got into the groove to beat a side as strong as the Bills.

Week 4 — vs. Houston Texans

Buffalo Bills are the firm favourites in this matchup. The side is likely to squash the Texans, who look like a clueless side entering this year’s tournament in August.

They have a lot of holes to fill before the season kick starts.

Week 5 — vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is in the form of his life and the Chiefs were inches away from glory past season. They are a formidable unit that seems unstoppable.

Week 6 — vs Tennessee Titans

Since both sides possess sublime quarterbacks and great overall offence, we are going to see a points fest in the Week 6 clash. The Titans are the favourites to win this one due to the home advantage.

The Bills have no game scheduled for Week 7.

Week 8 — vs. Miami Dolphins

We will give this one to the Bills considering they beat the Dolphins on both occasions last season.

Week 9 — vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Bills QB Josh Allen is far more superior to Jaguar’s Allen and this will make a big difference in the Week 9 game.

Week 10 — vs. New York Jets

A rookie quarterback in the Jets team will have a tough time keeping Bill’s defence in check.

Week 11 — vs. Indianapolis Colts

A nail-biting and close contest will be upon us in Week 11, but the Colts are likely to succumb to pressure.

Week 12 — vs. New Orleans Saints

While the Saints might contain Josh Allen from going ballistic, they don’t have a great offence that can penetrate through the Bills that easily.

Week 13 — vs. New England Patriots

The Bills came out on top in the 2020 clash against the New England Patriots. Since the Patriots haven’t made major changes to amend their loopholes, the Bill are likely to fetch another win.

Week 14 — vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have a more reliable and experienced campaigner in Tom Brady and this will pave the way to their victory.

Tom Brady Miami Beach mansion

Week 15 — vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers will have to step up in Week 15 to make sure they beat the Bills and move towards a decent end to the season.

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Week 16 — vs. New England Patriots

Courtesy of a great defensive unit, we are foreseeing the Bills withstand the Patriots.

Week 17 — vs. Atlanta Falcons

Even if Julio Jones does not leave Atlanta Falcons this year, the side lacks enough firepower to beat a side as good as the Bills.

Week 18 — vs. New York Jets

Despite having a great coach and offensive unit, the Jets do not have a solid defence.


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