Let’s see how Carolina Panthers will play with Sam Darnold joining them this season. Fans are excited to see them unfold their skills in the fresh season.

Week 1 – vs. New York Jets

We will give the season opener to the Panthers. Darnold will be eager to give a tough time to Robert Saleh’s side and show them what they lost.

Week 2 – vs. New Orleans Saints

The absence of Drew Brees is likely to benefit the Panthers in this matchup. The hosts will be at ease and pounce on the Saints to snatch a narrow win.

Week 3 – vs. Houston Texans

Houston Texans are probably the worst side walking into the new season. So, this should be a walk in the park for the Panthers.

Week 4 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys have grown into a stronger side since making adjustments in their defence. Hence, they have a better chance at beating the Panthers.

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Week 5 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This one is quite easy, whether Jalen Hurts lives up to the mark or not, the Panthers should be able to clinch a victory.

Week 6 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

Both organisations have a good squad that is laden with quality players, but the Vikings might have a difficult time against the home team here.

Week 7 – vs. New York Giants

The Giants are likely to suffer a loss.

Week 8 – vs. Atlanta Falcons

In case the Falcons continue to struggle with their defence as they have lately, there’s no much hope for them against Carolina.

Week 9 – vs. New England Patriots

Bill Belichick is far more experienced than his Panthers counterpart Darnold and that can benefit the Patriots in clinching crucial points in the matchup.

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Week 10 – vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals look like a tad better unit on the paper, so we will give this one to Arizona.

Week 11 – vs. Washington Football Team

With the kind of offence Washington boasts with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the top, we feel like the Panthers will lack enough firepower to counter their attacks.

Carolina Panthers
Photo: AFP

Week 12 – vs. Miami Dolphins

This one is likely to turn out into a low-scoring contest and the Dolphins seem to have enough firepower in the offensive unit to land most blows.

The Panthers will not play any game and loosen up in Week 13.

Week 14 – vs. Atlanta Falcons

At home, the Panthers should be able to win this one and outfox younger players in the Falcons’ defence.

Week 15 – vs. Buffalo Bills

Sorry Panthers’ fans, we have some bad news in this one.

Week 16 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are not going to let the Panthers lock horns with them equally. Tom Brady and co will have a field day against them regardless of the time and place.

Week 17 – vs. New Orleans Saints

facing off the Saints in the away fixture is like too much to ask for a moderate Panthers’ unit. New Orleans should sweep the visitors away to fetch a victory.

Week 18 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Same as before. The reigning Super Bowl champs should win this one without breaking a sweat.


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