Cincinnati Bengals schedule 2021
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The 2021 NFL season has the Cincinnati Bengals fans excited as they want to see what Joe Burrow has in store for them in his second season with the organisation.

Here is the schedule for the Bengals and Surprise Sports’ prediction for every matchup:

Week 1 – Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings

This clash is likely to be a close contest, but we will give an edge to the Bengals for the season opener as Dalvin Cook is likely to put on a show from the very beginning.

Week 2 – vs. Chicago Bears

Skimming through the Bears defence, they don’t seem to be stopping Burrow in the second contest.

Week 3 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

With TJ Watt leading the defence line, the Steelers will have an edge over the Bengals when they meet in the Wee 3 game.

Week 4 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Witnessing a clash between Burrow and Lawrence will be a sight worth watching. The jaguars are likely to slip past the opponents in this game.

Week 5 – vs. Green Bay Packers

If Aaron Rodgers is still a Packer star in the coming season, Greeb Bay will absolutely squash Cincinnati Bengals.

Week 6 – vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions are going for a restructure of their team, but that doesn’t bother them a lot against the Bengals, who will remain an underdog for most of the teams this year.

Week 7 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

It’s crazy to think that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ offence will have any trouble against a lo-sided Bengals team.

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Week 8 – vs. New York Jets

A high-scoring contest is expected to go down between New York Jets and the Bengals, with the NY side taking an edge.

Week 9 – vs. Cleveland Browns

Browns will be firm favourite entering into this contest against Cincinnati.

“No game has been scheduled in Week 10 for the Bengals”

Week 11 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The key to winning against the Raiders will be amassing quick points in the beginning. This is the only way the Bengals seem to be overwhelming the Raiders.

Week 12 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

We will give this one to the Bengals.

Week 13 – vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers will absolutely smash Cincinnati in the Week 13 game courtesy of a strong squad.

Week 14 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

Defensive woes lingered for the Bengals side last year and they can suffer through the hands of the 49ers if they don’t do something to stop their runs.

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Week 15 – vs. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos can easily feast on the lack of playmakers in the Cincinnati Bengals team, especially the defensive unit that is going to let many teams score tonnes of points if they don’t take their skills or players to the next level somehow.

Week 16 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens take this one nice and easy!

Week 17 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are never going to let the Bengals upset the odds and thump them.

Ja'Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals
Photo: USA Today

Week 18 – vs. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland have won most clashes against Browns in recent times and the streak is likely to continue when the season concludes.


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