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Let’s get down to the Cleveland Browns who have one of the most hectic schedules in the coming NFL season that will kick start in August. It will have 17 games for each side instead of the traditional 16.

The league organisers added one game for every team and reduced pre-season matches to three per side. Following is the season-long schedule and our predictions for the Browns:

Browns vs Kansas City Chiefs (Week 1)

Cleveland Browns are unlucky to go toe-to-toe against Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener. They are likely to lose to the in-form Chiefs.

Browns vs Houston Texans (Week 2)

The Browns are likely to thump the Texans in the second game of the competition.

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Browns vs Chicago Bears (Week 3)

The Bears will rely on their strong defence to keep Cleveland in check regardless of the game scenario.

Browns vs Minnesota Vikings (Week 4)

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski has spent a lot of time at the Vikings. He knows well what it takes to defeat them.

Browns vs LA Chargers (Week 5)

The clash against the LA Chargers will be an uphill task for the Browns’ QB Baker Mayfield since the Chargers have got defence expert Brandon Staley.

Browns vs Arizona Cardinals (Week 6)

The Browns have been unbeaten to the Cardinals at home and it seems like the streak will continue in this clash too.

Browns vs Denver Broncos (Week 7)

The Denver Broncos are still dealing with quarterback woes. This is likely to grant the Browns an easy victory.

Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 8)

The Browns have a great frontline and the Steelers just don’t seem to have enough firepower at the back to stop them.

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Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals (Week 9)

Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney are not guys who can be dealt with ease and the Bengals are most likely to succumb to the pressure the Brownds’ duo will create.

Browns vs Patriots (Week 10)

The Patriots have lately looked a bit clueless but with the addition of Tom Brady, they could upset the odds and beat the Browns.

Browns vs Detroit Lions (Week 11)

The Browns will stroll past the Lions courtesy of a strong defence.

Browns vs Baltimore Ravens (Week 12)

The Ravens are likely to snatch a victory on the back of Lamar Jackson.

No game has been scheduled for the Browns for Week 13.

Browns vs Baltimore Ravens (Week 14)

Cleveland was beaten by the Ravens at home last season and this will fuel the Browns’ efforts to avenge the loss.

Browns vs LA Raiders (Week 15)

Defensive woes in the Raiders’ squad is likely to cost them heavily against Cleveland.

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Browns vs Green Bay Packers (Week 16)

In case Aaron Rodgers is still with the Packers, the Browns could be in serious trouble.

Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 17)

The Steelers and Browns both have a solid defence so it will get down to their offensive lines. In his sector, Pittsburgh will be on the backfoot since they haven’t addressed their offence in the offseason.

Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals (Week 18)

The Cleveland Browns are more well-rounded as a unit as compared to the Bengals.


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