Denver Broncos
Photo: Bleacher Report

The Denver Broncos will strive to overcome their bitter 2020 season by employing the best of their skills and taking full advantage of home games.

Here is their schedule for the next season that is on the verge:

– Broncos vs. New York Giants (Week 1)

Broncos will be up against the Giants, who have wrapped up just a single week 1 game since 2011.

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Both sides will be battling hard, and you will catch sight of fascinating matching wits between Giants Patrick Graham and the Broncos offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur – oust a season ago as NY Giants coach.

– Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 2)

Trevor Lawrence evinces a cut above than anticipated at home. But Fangio worked out for tyro QB, unleashing Von Miller and Bradley Chubb off the edges. Therefore, it holds OK to give the Broncos the bow here in a nail-biter.

– Broncos vs. New York Jets (Week 3)

Jets have to devise a plan to flail the Broncos defense because, once again, Fangio’s cover gets to take the spotlight. Justin Simmons and Kyle Fuller will head off a rusty Zach Wilson to earn Broncos buzz around the NFL.

– Broncos vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 4)

Demandingly putting the team partially on his back, Tedy Bridgewater manages well for much of the game. Yet, the Broncos will face a lot of snags against the solid defenses in 2021.

– Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 5)

The Steelers do not own the best record while facing the Broncos at Denver. However, at Heinz Field, the Broncos will have to produce the most out of their defense. If not, Pittsburgh will emerge as a triumphant courtesy Heinz Field roaring crowd.

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– Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Week 6)

During the last season, the Denvers were 2-6 at home, and this thing will play a crucial role for the Raiders. Vegas will need to sweep the Broncos to pocket a surprise appearance in the playoffs.

– Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns (Week 7)

The Broncos will strive hard to clinch the game for themselves. But Garrett and Clowney have always been proven testing for the opponents. They are likely to earn the Browns a victory.

– Broncos vs. Washington Football Team (Week 8)

The Broncos collectively have built a solid defense and are the side with a good offense. Contrarily, the Washington Football Team is sorting out their defense identity yet, which can be their weak point against the Broncos.

– Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys (Week 9)

There will be a close contest between Denver’s secondary and Cowboys offense in the form of CeeDee Lamb and Ezekiel Elliott. And Denver’s secondary will do enough to win the game.

– Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Week 10)

In crunch time, Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts struggles to gather enough downfield shots, which will make the Broncos take the advantage.

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– Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Week 12)

While playing at their home field, the Broncos seem to get better of their disappointing 2020 season. Therefore, as a home team, they have the potential to take down the ascending Chargers in a close bout.

– Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Week 13)

Chiefs have outperformed the Broncos in their last four games, and here, Fangio retrograde Bridgewater. Stats are manifesting that Patrick and Co. will overshadow the Denver Broncos.

– Broncos vs. Detroit Lions ( Week 14)

Lions have to battle hard by leveling up their offense against Bradley Chubb, Patrick Surtain II, and Von Miller. However, it will be difficult for them to keep hold back Denver’s offense.

– Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals(Week 15)

Joe Burrow will make his skills work, but due to the incapacitated defense of Cincinnati, the Broncos will wrap it up in their favour. 

– Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Week 16)

Raider winning five out of their last seven outings against the Broncos will put up a great show at Denver.

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– Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Week 17)

After losing a close bout against them, the Chargers will host the Broncos in Southern California Stadium.

– Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Week 18)

Again, the Broncos will not be able to do much against Patrick Mahomes winning streak.


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