Detroit Lions Schedule 2021
Photo: Detroit Free Press

The past season was one to forget for Detroit Lions. Their below-par outings had them deliver the league-worst 32.4 points per game. But we have a feeling that things might change for the Lions with the addition of Michael Brockers.

Week 1 — Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers

Jared Goff and co have been struggling to get points against the rock-solid defence of the Niners. Similar action is expected on the season opener with the Niners grabbing an easy victory.

Week 2 — vs. Green Bay Packers

The Packers’ swarming defence is likely to contain the Lions once again.

Week 3 — vs. Baltimore Ravens

Ravens are laden with skilful stars who have the ability to run riots against the Lions.

Week 4 — vs. Chicago Bears

Against Bears, we might see tough competition from the Silver Crush, but the Bears should be able to withstand the Lions.

Week 5 — vs. Minnesota Vikings

Lowly Lions are likely to face another defeat in the Week 5 game.

Week 6 — vs. Cincinnati Bengals

We will give the victory to the Lions considering that their changes in the offensive line might just work out against the Bengals’ defence.

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Nonetheless, it will be a close game.

Week 7 — vs. Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford will have no trouble putting the Silver Crush to shame in this contest.

Week 8 — vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Another loss seems to be on the cards for Detroit Lions.

The Lions will get to rest in Week 9.

Week 10 — vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Detroit is still undergoing a transition period. It will take them some time to threaten an NFL juggernaut like the Steelers.

Week 11 — vs. Cleveland Browns

Easy pickings for Cleveland in this one.

Week 12 — vs. Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving)

We expect the Browns to sweep the Lions away and make it 2-0 against the hosts.

Week 13 — vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ford Field is likely to add another loss to the Lions’ tally.

Week 14 — vs. Denver Broncos

Road games are always tough, and they become even harder if your side lacks skill against a team like the Broncos, that is laden with top-tier talents.

Week 15 — vs. Arizona Cardinals

Ah, finally! This is where the Lions can make hay of the schedule and overwhelm the Cardinals at home.

Week 16 — vs. Atlanta Falcons

Dan Campbell’s men have an unproven record when it comes to notching points and putting top defences to shame. Moreover, it seems highly unlikely too.

Week 17 — @ Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks will make the contest a nightmare for the visitors unless Jared Goff can miraculously thump them as the Lions’ new quarterback.

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He has gone toe-to-toe against Seattle before, but previous encounters with a star-studded Rams unit were comparatively easier.

Week 18 — vs. Green Bay Packers

With Aaron Rodgers almost back with Green Bay Packers, it seems highly unlikely if he is going to let his slide slump to defeat against the Silver Crush.

Now, this might be a home game, but it will test grit and determination in Campbell’s unit.


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