Dolphins vs Patriots Game
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Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots will look to start the new season on a high note. Read the full article to see how to live stream Dolphins vs Patriots.

When is Dolphins vs Patriots?

Patriots and Dolphins will face off on September 13 (Monday) at 1 pm ET.

Where is Dolphins vs Patriots?

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium is going to host the big game.

How to live stream Dolphins vs Patriots?

Looking to get hands-on with the best live-streaming platforms? Hulu, Sling TV, and NBC Application are at your service.

Match prediction

Despite playing in their backyard, we feel like the Patriots will have a better shot at the game.

This is primarily because the Fins are going to have a revamped team with the new players they have just brought to Miami.

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The Dolphins had a better average score per game last season, but things could change in a jiffy for the hosts if they don’t mount pressure on the visitors early in the game.

How good are the new weapons of the Patriots?

Free-agent signings Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne have stirred a fresh air into the Pats’ team. Both players have impressed coach Bill Belichick in their training sessions and fans are eager to see them don new jerseys.

Speaking to the New England Patriot’s website before practice, Belichick said: “Everything we do is specific to us, but you know, a lot of that is also interdependent on who the other players are on the field. If one player can do multiple things and nobody else can, then it’s hard to move one guy without moving somebody else.”

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“Just really depends on what the overall makeup of the skill group is and obviously, that plays into situations and formations and game plans and so forth, but generically we try to teach our guys multiple spots at all positions, not just the receiver position.”

Agholor seems to be enjoying being taught under top coaches in Miami.

“I learn from a full concept, I like to learn everything and I have great coaches who are teaching me that. Every day I try to put it on tape and learn from what I put on tape. It’s just studying, it’s a grind, it’s not easy but it’s something if you do it well and you stay consistent with it, you’ll help yourself have more opportunities,” he said.

LeBlanc opens up about his future in Miami

Cre’Von LeBlanc has had tough last two seasons. He was cut four times and placed on injured reserve past.

He went undrafted too, but the 27-year-old is still hoping for the best.

“Everything that I’ve earned today has been worked for. How I break it down is stay true and remember anything is possible at the end of the day, no matter what you go through in life,” he said.

LeBlanc added: “You always kind of have a chip on your shoulder and want to prove yourself. I’m passionate, very passionate about what I do.”


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