Eagles vs Cowboys Prediction
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Eagles vs Cowboys is the upcoming NFC East matchup of week three. Both teams are the most popular ones in the whole NFL world. Their rivalry is also well known. Every time they stand up against each other audience stop breathing cause it made huge suspense.

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys started the season with a very good performance. They both won their first match with great points. Both team players are also very much active. They are doing great on the field. Though they both had a great game in the begging, after tomorrow night one will know the taste of loss. It’s hard to tell who will lose the game.

Here we prepare an article on the Eagles vs Cowboy prediction, odds, previews, start time, and some other facts.

So, let’s start.

When and where is the Eagles vs Cowboys game take place?

Eagles vs Cowboys is set to play on Monday at 8 PM ET. It’s gonna take place at the AT&T Stadium.

They will allow the live audience so you can enjoy the event from the stadium. The ticket will cost 54 dollars. And you want to watch the game from home then you can use ESPN. ESPN is the official broadcaster of Eagles vs Cowboy.

Eagles vs Cowboys prediction:

It’s hard to game for both teams and a hard prediction for analysts. Why is that? Cause normally we know that Dallas Cowboys are the ones who will win the game. But Philadelphia has something to say this time.

The current playing style of the Eagles is extremely good. They are doing very hard work to prove themselves on the field. And in some cases, they did manage to won that level where no one can beat them. Their second match against the Falcons was such a hit. No one could ever believe that phenomenal act happened on the day. But we do feel sorry for them when they lost against the 49ers. The Eagles would have won if the new coach didn’t interrupt.

On the other hand, the Dallas boys are the best team in the whole tournament. To win a game against the Cowboys is very hard. Cowboys fans were surprised they saw their team defeat by the Buccaneers. But the Buccaneers are also a very strong team it was okay. Now, the Cowboys may think they can break the Eagles’ nest easily. The thing is probably they can.

Let’s see both team’s conditions.

The Eagles point per game is 21.5 where the Cowboys point is 24.5. The Eagles points allowed per game is 11.5 and the Cowboys did it on 24.0 points. Eagles yard passing point is 227 and Cowboys yard passing point is 320. Philadelphia yard rushing points is 162 and Dallas point is 129.

In most cases, Dallas Cowboys is doing far better than Philadelphia’s Eagles.

  • Prediction: The Cowboys winning chance is 70% percent where it’s 30% percent for the Eagles.

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  • Eagles Odd is- (+3.5)
  • Cowboys Odd is- (-3.5)

Eagles vs Cowboys Preview:

Today Eagles vs Cowboys match will rock on the AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys will host the match for the Eagles. This is very sad news for team Philadelphia. Cause Dallas is the strongest team in a season. It will be hard for the Eagles to compete with them in their homeland.

The Eagles are lucky cause Dorance Armstrong won’t play that day. Plus many of the other players won’t play on that day. So, that’s put the Eagles in an advantages post. And in the team Eagles, we won’t see Brandon Brooks for injuries.


This is probably another week for Dallas Cowboys but the Philadelphia won’t let the boys destroy them easily. The Eagles are preparing themselves very hard for the night. If the Eagles could prevent the Dallas attack then the match will surely go to the Eagles side cause, Cowboys defense is kinda weak. Soon we will know what will be the result of the Eagles vs Cowboys match.


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