Green Bay Packers: 2021 NFL season preview and predictions
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We know that all eyes are on Aaron Rodgers’ apparent rift at the top office of the Packers, but we are here to talk about something more important than that for Green Bay.

Surprise Sports had outlined the complete schedule of the Packers and predicted the outcome of every clash.

Week 1 – Packers vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are brimming with confidence thanks to Jameis Winston. They are likely to upset the odds and beat the Packers on the season opener.

Week 2 – vs. Detroit Lions

This one is an easy win for the Packers, mainly because the Lions look extremely out of shape.

Week 3 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco is likely to clinch a win as its strong defence can overpower the Packers’ offensive lineup.

Week 4 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

T.J. Watt will do everything he can to put the Rodgers and co to shame at his home ground, but the Packers can outfox the Steelers with ease.

Week 5 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is good, but one sublime player cannot win games for the entire lop-sided team.

Week 6 – vs. Chicago Bears

Kyle Fuller’s loss is going to hurt the Bears in front of a great offensive like the Packers possess.

Week 7 – vs. Washington Football Team

Green Bay Packers have a decent offense team, but that might flop against the Washington Football Team as the latter has one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Week 8 – vs. Arizona Cardinals

Expect an NFL masterclass when you get to see Rodgers and Kyler Murray on the field making fans’ jaws drop in the Week 8 game.

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Week 9 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes looks unstoppable and with a defence as futile as Green Bay’s, there’s not much left for the Packers to gain.

Week 10 – vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks don’t have a great record against the Packers. They have suffered four losses in their last five clashes and the bad patch is probably going to continue this season.

Week 11 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

A lot depends on Dalvin Cook for the Vikings. If he can deliver the goods, the Packers can be left in the dust.

Week 12 – vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are the probable winner of this contest. They will be eager to avenge the NFL Playoffs loss.

There’s no game scheduled in Week 13.

Week 14 – vs. Chicago Bears

Justin Fields will become better with time, but at the moment, he does not have what it takes to single-handedly down the Packers.

Week 15 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson’s presence in the Ravens teams will be threatening to every NFL side this season. Jackson and co are likely to thump the Packers.

Week 16 – vs. Cleveland Browns

On the back of great rushing attacks, the Browns will be the firm favourites in this contest.

Week 17 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

A nail-biting battle is expected between the Vikings and Packers, but it seems like Green Bay will take this one home.

Week 18 – vs. Detroit Lions

Detroit are a side in progress and they should not be too hard to overcome by the Packers.


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