Here are the NFL teams that did right by their QBs in offseason
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It’s hard for every NFL football team to keep its quarterbacks contented on and off the field, but a few NFL teams have pulled it off pretty well.

The examples of Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz, Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers are already in front of us. We have seen how odd it gets in the public for these sides when their team decision doesn’t align with the views of their QBs.

So we have listed down the sides that stood by their QBs and made sure they keep them happy amid the offseason this year.

LA Chargers

Justin Herbert is now free to build off a record-setting rookie season with LA Chargers to make up for another offensive line in need of a makeover in the team.

But we all have to agree that the biggest move that the Chargers pulled off was roping in center Corey Linsley, who was allowed just four total pressures in the previous season.

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Another time the Chargers made the most of a massive opportunity is when secured their left tackle. This occurred when Northwestern’s Rashawn Slater was dropped into their laps in the draft’s first round.

So they kept on cashing in the draft pick by adding more weapons up their collection in the third round. The Chargers then got receiver Josh Palmer and tight end Tre’ McKitty.

In a nutshell, they have created a better side to equip themselves and QB Herbert in the best way to keep pace with Mahomes. Herbert gives the Chargers a major chance and vice versa.

Arizona Cardinals

The workload has been immense on QB Kyler Murray’s shoulder, but this is expected to change in the coming season, courtesy of the Arizona Cardinal’s recent signings.

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Yes, we are hinting at center Rodney Hudson, who is arguably one of the league’s premier pass-blocking centers. Moreover, J.J. Watt has been roped in as well, but let’s not forget that the Cardinals did real work on their offence.

Receiver A.J. Green will be an excellent counterbalance to DeAndre Hopkins too.

Tennessee Titans

Last season, Ryan Tannehill was nothing short of phenomenal. He’s right up there at the top owing to his most efficient downfield pass.

The recent addition will benefit Derrick Henry by adding a little more running room with AJ Brown and Josh Reynolds joining the Titans.

As for Tannehill, he could have the makings of a career-best season if with the Titans in the AFC’s upper echelon.

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa had made it clear that he did not have the best of seasons last time around, so Miami Dolphins tried to make things a lot easier for him. They have done so by upgrading his weapons to address what had been a subpar wide receiver group.

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So the Dolphins ended up signing Will Fuller and then Jaylen Waddle by using the sixth overall pick.


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