Here are top five lockdown corners of NFL
Photo: USA Today

Lockdown CBs play a significant role in an NFL team when it comes to the complete defence. We have listed down the top five lockdown corners currently active in the NFL.

With top-notch deals underway among the NFL franchises, this feels like the perfect time to distinguish what makes certain NFL stars better than the rest when it comes to the lockdown cornering.

5. Jaire Alexander – Green Bay Packers

It is not an exaggeration to say that Green Bay Packers are blessed to have the services of Jaire Alexander at the back who never ceases to amaze with his feisty cover corners.

He quickly joined the ranks of the elite in a jiffy ever since he entered the NFL in 2018. Alexander shows sublime instincts and awareness in coverage while challenging pass catchers. This helps the 24-year-old NFL prodigy earn every yard on the perimeter.

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His super-competitive mindset attitude makes him fearless in the field and get the best out of him every time. Due to this, the lives of even the top quarterbacks become miserable.

4. Marlon Humphrey – Baltimore Ravens

Marlon Humphrey deserves massive praise for being head and shoulders apart from other lockdowns CBs as he has both inside and outside capabilities. It’s hard to find an elite cornerback with the skillset the Baltimore Ravens star possesses.

His versatile skill set and the honed game is surely worthy of a high billing as an all-star defender. He is one of the few NFL stars who was scouted at an early age and deemed to become an NFL great by the time he bid adieu to the league.

Humphrey was named to the USA Today All-USA high school football team in 2012 and 2013.

He unarguable makes the case for being included in any conversation about the best players at the position.

The top corner has been putting on a show with his exceptional lockdown abilities, turnover production (one interception and a league-high eight forced fumbles last season) and tackling ability.

3. Jalen Ramsey – Los Angeles Rams

The number 3 spot on the list is Los Angeles Rams’ Jalen Ramsey who has what it takes to put opponents’ receivers in a tough position due to his rare physical traits.

The two-time All-Pro makes it extremely difficult for a receiver to escape the line untouched. Not only this, Ramsey is a refined technician with superb instincts and awareness.

2. Xavien Howard – Miami Dolphins

Xavien Howard needs no introduction being the NFL’s reigning interceptions leader (10). The 27-year-old experienced campaigner gobbles up errant passes with sheer ease.

The Miami Dolphin player’s superior instincts, game awareness and ball skills make him the ultimate star when coupled with his size, length and throwing range.

He is incredibly difficult for quarterbacks to keep down.

1. Tre’Davious White – Buffalo Bills

Tre’Davious White is once in a lifetime player who is different from other players of his category owing to what he brings to the table.
The 26-year-old, who was a consensus All-American as a senior in 2016, is a blue-collar worker on the island.


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