How to pick yourself up after an Eagles loss

This years’ Super Bowl was one of the most pulsating and keenly contested on record, with three-time winners Kansas City Chiefs edging out the Philadelphia Eagles in the third-highest Super Bowl of all-time.

Ultimately, the Chiefs prevailed 38-35 in a truly thrilling encounter, which combined drama, high-quality gameplay and controversy to devastating effect.

The Chiefs’ influential quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes also starred throughout, and despite leaving the field at half-time after aggravating a pre-existing injury, he returned later on to fire his side to a memorable win.

However, the failed quest to win a second Super Bowl has left Eagles fans mentally shattered after an exceptional campaign. But how do you pick yourself up after the loss and banish those lingering blues? Let’s find out!

#1. Maintain Perspective and Focus

However you chose to watch the 2023 Super Bowl as an Eagles’ fan, the fact that the match ended in an agonising defeat will most likely have left you truly devastated.

Regardless, this defeat should not completely overshadow the Eagles’ excellent 2022 campaign, which saw them win the National Football Conference East division with a club record of 14 regular season wins.

Even more impressively, they started 8-0 for the first time in the history of the franchise, with subsequent wins over the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and the Chicago Bears helping them to a 13-1 record after 14 outings. This was another record for the franchise, with a 22-16 triumph of the Giants in week 18 securing the Eagles’ first NFC East title since 2017 (when they also claimed their only ever Super Bowl crown).

The Division Round also saw the Eagles earn their first postseason win since 2018, when they routed the Giants 38-7. This laid the foundation for an impressive, 3-0 clean sweep against New York, as they advanced to the NFC Championship for the first time since winning the Super Bowl.

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When analysed in its full context, the Eagles clearly enjoyed an exceptional and record-breaking season, and one that augurs well for the future. Even a narrow and pulsating Super Bowl loss shouldn’t detract from this, especially given the quality of their opponents and quarterback Mahomes.

#2. Stay Active and Eat Well

If you’re still struggling to get to grips with the Eagles defeat, it’s absolutely crucial that you get active and engage in at least some form of exercise.

Whether this comprises regular walks or sees you complete high intensity sprints and circuits is irrelevant, as the key thing is to stay active, get plenty of fresh air and leverage physical exercise as a way of boosting your mental wellbeing.

Even short, 10-minute bursts of exercise can be beneficial, especially when practised in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can combine these short and tailored workouts with your breakfast, lunch and afternoon meal, while ensuring that your daily working schedule isn’t too disrupted.

Of course, exercise and diet go hand-in-hand, so you’ll also need to ensure that you’re eating well and staying hydrated throughout the day. This can be hard when you feel emotionally bruised having invested a great deal into the Eagles campaign and their quest for success, but this is where focus and a disciplined mindset comes into play.

If you’re really struggling, try to avoid alcohol, or at least the amount that you drink throughout the typical week. It’s natural to increase your alcohol intake during times of emotional hardship, of course, but this is a known depressant that will exacerbate your feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Instead, drink more water, focus on eating well and stay active, as you look to bide your time and reset your way of thinking before the new season starts!

#3. Find a Way to Channel your Frustration

Exercise is also a good way of channelling your frustration and negative energy following a significant defeat, although those of you with a depressed or anxious mindset are more likely to turn to booze to quell your negative feelings.

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Make sure to continue the hobbies you love. Although it may sound trite, sometimes just distracting yourself is the best thing you can do. You can go and watch a different sport, go meet your friends for a beer, or if you’re not feeling sociable, you can spend some time at the highest payout online casino (as long as you’re not betting on the Eagles again).

Ultimately, you’ll have to focus on accepting your feelings and consider more positive and proactive ways of processing them, while identifying effective and beneficial ways of channelling your angst. In addition to exercise, you may want to focus on spending more quality time with your family, or sink your teeth in a challenging and rewarding work project. Or, you can invest time in pursuing your preferred hobby, whether this is creative writing or playing your favourite sport.

This will also help you to fill the void that occurs during the NFL pre-season, while preventing your thoughts from drifting back to that narrow defeat in February.

Once again, this process starts when you accept your feelings and strive to create a more forward-thinking mindset, as this enables you to look ahead and confine the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to history!

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