Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis Colts are not the toughest of teams in the NFL, but things could certainly improve for them after the signing of Pro Bowl left tackle, Eric Fisher.

Here’s Colts’ schedule for the new season that will begin in August:

Colts vs. Seattle Seahawks (Week 1)

When it comes down to the situation revolving around quarterbacks of both teams, the Colts have a better coach-QB relationship at the moment. This will pave the way for a victory.

Colts vs. Los Angeles Rams (Week 2)

The inclusion of Matthew Stafford will strengthen the Rams side that needed a reliable QB in the last season.

Colts vs. Tennessee Titans (Week 3)

The Titans have upped the ante on their defence. They thumped the Colts last season and a similar outcome is expected this time around as well.

Colts vs. Miami Dolphins (Week 4)

The Dolphins have improved their unit drastically. Tua Tagovailoa has a better support system around him and the Colts will be under a lot of pressure against Miami.

Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 5)

The only way Coltz can avenge the 2020 loss against the Ravens is by strengthening their defence scenario.

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Colts vs. Houston Texans (Week 6)

Indianapolis are likely to clinch an easy win over the Texans.

Colts vs. San Francisco 49ers (Week 7)

This is expected to be a low-scoring contest in Week 7. San Fransico can win with ease if they control the clock well.

Colts vs. Tennessee Titans (Week 8)

Tennessee Titans vs Colts will be a showdown worthy of hype in the 2021 NFL season.

Colts vs. New York Jets (Week 9)

New York Jets are still adjusting with the new arrival (Zach Wilson). Hence, it is hard to see them steamroll over the Colts.

Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 10)

Urban Meyer hasn’t yet got enough experience in the NFL and this is why the Colts will play to their basic skillsets to win this one.

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Colts vs. Buffalo Bills (Week 11)

Buffalo lack pressure and they are likely to let the Colts get better of them in the matchup.

Colts vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 12)

There’s no comparison in the depth of both teams here. Tampa Bay are the most sublime team on the roster while the Colts are nowhere near them.

Colts vs. Houston Texans (Week 13)

The Texans are unlikely to pull off a win the second time around against the Colts.

There’s no game for the Colts on Week 14.

Colts vs. New England Patriots (Week 15)

The Patriots are blessed to have Bill Belichick as the general manager. Belichick is likely to outfox the Colts in this clash.

Colts vs. Arizona Cardinals (Week 16)

The Cardinals possess a great offensive line and this is likely to sink the Colts’ ship in Week 16.

Colts vs. Las Vegas Raiders (Week 17)

Indianapolis are likely to feast on the bad defense and offense of the Raiders this time around.

Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 18)

Trevor Lawrence seems to be the solo danger for the Colts. If Indianapolis manages to pocket the Jaguars player, they can see themselves finish the game on a high note.


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