Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule 2021
Photo: Team website

Jacksonville Jaguars have upped the ante by signing Trevor Lawrence, and Urban Meyer as their head coach. Do you think they have become stronger than before?

Week 1 – Jacksonville vs. Houston Texans

The Jaguars are bound to open the account on the season opener. Meyer’s men should not have a lot of trouble having a field day against the Texans. It is not wrong to say that Houston has the worst side in the NFL.

Week 2 – vs. Denver Broncos

This clash might go down the wire but Jacksonville should come out on top against Denver Broncos.

Week 3 – vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinal’s offence will be too much to handle for the Jaguars. Their defence will prove to be a futile defence in front of the visitors.

Week 4 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

It will be interesting to see how Lawrence and Joe Burrow will play against each other. Nonetheless, the Jaguars should win this one with ease.

Jaguars Schedule 2021
Photo: USA Today

Week 5 – vs. Tennessee Titans

Arthur Smith was the backbone of the Titans offence as a coordinator. The Titans are likely to be not as effective as they were before with Smith gone. The Jags should make hay of his absence and stop their front end.

Week 6 – vs. Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t look better than Lawrence just yet. This is why we feel that the Dolphins will lose the road game.

Jacksonville Jaguars have no game scheduled for Week 7.

Week 8 – vs. Seattle Seahawks

We will give this one to the Seahawks.

Week 9 – vs. Buffalo Bills

Bills’ Josh Allen will run riot against the open defence of Jags. If he can pressurise top teams in the NFL with his skilful plays, how could he not withstand Jags?

Week 10 – vs. Indianapolis Colts

The contest is likely to be super competitive, but home-field advantage could lead the Colts to a win.

Week 11 – vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are firm favourites in this one.

Week 12 – vs. Atlanta Falcons

Lawrence should not have a lot of issues leaving the Falcons’ defence in the dust. The rookie will lead Jacksonville Jaguars to a win.

Week 13 – vs. Los Angeles Rams

The rams are far more superior as compared to the Jags.

Week 14 –  vs. Tennessee Titans

Stopping the trio of Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill and Julio Jones could prove to be an uphill task for Jacksonville. A close contest might be upon us but the Titans are likely to win.

Week 15 – vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are already not a competitive side and the recent situation regarding Deshaun Watson is only going to bring the worst of them in the coming season.

Week 16 – vs. New York Jets

We will give this one to the Jags.

Week 17 – vs. New England Patriots

There’s no question about this one. The patriots are a seemingly dominant side and they should win this one with a big lead.

Week 18 – vs. Indianapolis Colts

We will give the last game of the season to the Jags. At home, Lawrence and co might give them a run for their money in the second faceoff.


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