Kansas City Chiefs
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There’s no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most threatening teams in the NFL and they will be one to watch out for in the upcoming 2021 season that will start in August.

Coming off to a great season last year, the Chiefs will be looking to forget the Super Bowl loss and make it big this time around.

Let’s talk about Patrick Mahomes now and how significant will he be in the coming season, his fourth year as the full-time starter.

With each passing year, the 25-year-old quarterback has only shown signs of improvement.

Time to get down to business, which is exploring the exciting schedule for the Chiefs for the 2021 season.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Schedule for 2021 season

– Kansas City vs Cleveland Browns (Week 1)

The first test that the Chiefs will have is against Cleveland Browns.

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Kansas will be all out to avoid the Browns take revenge for their divisional-round loss in Kansas City in January.

Kansas’ Patrick Mahomes hasn’t yet suffered a loss to Lamar Jackson, courtesy of a solid defence at his back. The Chiefs are likely to win their second week’s clash.

– Kansas City vs Los Angeles Chargers (Week 3)

The Chiefs are the probable winners for their Week 3 game against the LA Chargers, with a projected record of 3-0.

– Kansas City vs Philadelphia Eagles (Week 4)

In the Chiefs vs Eagles clash in Week 4, all eyes will be on Jelen Hurts. He will try to put the opponents under pressure in his aim to prove himself as a solid under centre.

– Kansas City vs Buffalo Bills (Week 5)

Kansas City will host a star-studded Buffalo side in Week 5 and likely to clinch the match in a nail-biting thriller.

– Kansas City vs Washington Football Team (Week 6)

Washington will rely on their strong defence to grapple with the Chiefs in Week 6. However, the Kansas side looks in greater shape.

– Kansas City vs Tennessee Titans (Week 7)

Tennessee are always a dangerous side and they proved it last time around by pocketing Mahomes in 2019.

– Kansas City vs New York Giants (Week 8)

Daniel Jones is going to be the key for his team since a lot depends on his shoulders. The Chiefs are likely to stroll past NY Giants.

– Kansas City vs Green Bay Packers (Week 9)

Aaron Rodgers is likely to bury the hatchets with the Packers management and return to the Packers squad. His presence is likely to down the Chiefs.

– Kansas City vs LA Raiders (Week 10)

LA Raiders will rely on Derek Carr to thump Mahomes and co. In week 10, the Chiefs are the probable losers for the second game in a row.

– Kansas City vs Dallas Cowboys (Week 11)

The Chiefs seem like a complete unit when compared to the Cowboys. Kansas takes a lead in this matchup.

– Kansas City vs Denver Broncos (Week 13)

The Broncos are going to let the Chiefs overcome them if they don’t solve their QB issue as soon as possible.

– Kansas City vs Las Vegas Raiders (Week 14)

LA Raiders got the better of Kansas last time around, but for a side that learns from its mistakes, the Chiefs are likely to avenge the loss.

– Kansas City vs LA Chargers ( Week 15)

The Chargers can shock Kansas City in the week 15 match-up.

– Kansas City vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 16)

By the looks of their display at the end of last season, the Steelers don’t seem to have what it takes to thump the Chiefs.

– Kansas City vs Cincinnati Bengals (Week 17)

Joe Burrow and Chase are transforming very well for the Bengals, but the Chiefs are going to clinch the win.


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