Las Vegas Raiders Schedule Prediction 20212021
Photo: AFP

NFL fans are eager to see how Las Vegas Raiders will come out in the new season with six starter-calibre receivers and talented tight end Darren Waller.

Week 1 — Las Vegas Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens

Keeping players like Lamar Jackson and Marks Andrews under the readers is almost an impossible task for the Raiders. Hence, they are likely to lose this one with a big margin. Click here to know how you can live stream this game.

Week 2 — vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are firm favourites on home turn against Las Vegas.

Week 3 — vs. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins came out hard against the Raiders last season to bury their hopes of making it into the playoffs. A similar outcome is likely this season as well.

Week 4 — vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Another loss is likely to hit the Raiders here against the Chargers.

Week 5 — vs. Chicago Bears

The Men in Black are finally expected to open their account against the Bears down in Week 5.

Week 6 — vs. Denver Broncos

The Raiders have a difficult schedule so they should bank on every fixture against a weak team. It is likely that the Broncos will not withstand the Raiders and lose this one.

Week 7 — vs. Philadelphia Eagles

We can foresee the Eagles having some trouble establishing runs on the Raiders.

There’s no game plan for the Raiders in Week 8.

Week 9 — vs. New York Giants

An offensive unit as good as New York Giants should not have many issues penetrating the futile Raiders’ defence.

Week 10 — vs. Kansas City Chiefs (SNF)

Stopping Patrick Mahomes is something that Men in Black have struggled with in the past. No improvements in defence mean that they will have to continue with this trouble in the coming season as well.

Week 11 — vs. Cincinnati Bengals

While the Raiders have a bad defence, the Bengals are worst at it. Therefore, Silver and Black should pick up the “W” in this matchup.

Week 12 — vs. Dallas Cowboys

This should be an easy win for Dallas.

Week 13 — vs. Washington Football Team

With fans back in the stadium by Week 13, we can predict that the home advantage will help the Raiders pull off a win against Washington.

Week 14 — vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Nothing changed in the second Chiefs game. Perhaps, an even worse outcome in the road game?

Week 15 — vs. Cleveland Browns

Las Vegas have a void in their defence. They lack a game-changing player in their defensive unit and until they get one, the Silver and Black are likely to lose to the AFC West and other quality teams like Cleveland Browns.

Week 16 — vs. Denver Broncos

A narrow in for the Raiders seems to be on the cards.

Week 17 — vs. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis should bank on the worsening defence of the Raiders to grab an easy win.

Week 18 — vs. Los Angeles Chargers

We believe the Nation will grab a victory in the last game of the season. They will have home-field advantage in LA to make hay of and lack of support for the Chargers should do it for the hosts.


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