Los Angeles Chargers: Schedule and predictions for upcoming NFL season
Photo: Bolt Beat

Los Angeles Chargers adjusted well at the end of last season and look like a dangerous side moving into the upcoming season after improving their coaching staff.

Week 1 – LA Chargers vs. Washington Football Team

It’s going to be an extremely close contest but Washington is more likely to win courtesy of home advantage.

Week 2 – vs. Dallas Cowboys

Both teams look strong on papers, but the Bolts have a better defensive unit which can see them through in crucial stages of the match.

Week 3 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Is that even in the question? Kansas City Chiefs have probably the best quarterback on their side. Don’t you agree with us?

Week 4 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Considering how both clubs have tweaked with their team in the offseason, the Chargers should win this one with ease.

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Week 5 – vs. Cleveland Browns

The battle of the quarterbacks is not really what we are expecting since the Chargers have a better man positioned at this spot.

Week 6 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

A high-scoring contest is expected to go down in Week 6 when both sides with agile QB will clash.

But the Ravens just might get past the Bolts in this one.

There is no game scheduled for the Bolts on Week 7.

Week 8 – vs. New England Patriots

New England Patriots are favourites in terms of mounting pressure on the Bolts early in the game. And this might as well help Bill Belichick clinch a victory.

Week 9 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles are restructuring themselves and this means that they will have to take some time to really threaten big teams.

Week 10 – vs. Minnesota Vikings

Brandon Staley adds huge value to the Chargers’ defence and he won’t let a meal attack like that of the Vikings slip away with a victory.

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Week 11 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

We give this one to the Chargers as well.

Week 12 – vs. Denver Broncos

The quarterback situation with the Broncos is likely to restrict them in the current season unless they somehow pull off the Aaron Rodgers trade.

Week 13 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Surprise Sports can foresee the Bolts running away with an easy win against Cincinnati Bengals.

Week 14 – vs. New York Giants

A close game is expected since both teams have a decent defence. However, it’s the Bolts who should win narrowly against the Giants.

Week 15 – vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs will make it 2-0 without a sweat.

Week 16 – vs. Houston Texans

With due respect to all Houston fans, the Texans are one of the worst teams with an unbalanced squad. Hence, the Bolts should beat the team with a big margin.

Week 17 – vs. Denver Broncos

The Week 17 clash is as intriguing as they come. The divisional matchup is likely to see the Broncos take away the victory since the Los Angeles Chargers won’t enjoy strong fan support.

Week 18 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

We can see the Bolts finishing the league fixtures on a high on their trip to Las Vegas.


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