Dolphins Schedule
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Miami Dolphins have gone four years without a playoff appearance. Is 2021 their year? Will they be able to use the big fish on the NFL roster.

Week 1 – Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins are likely to open the season in New England without their All-Pro cornerback. In such a case, the hosts are likely to clinch the season opener.

Week 2 – vs. Buffalo Bills

Playing a game at home is good, but players like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs can even make that a nightmare. Hence, the Bills are firm favourites in this one.

Week 3 – vs. Las Vegas Raiders

So far, not so good when it comes to knowing the game plan of the Las Vegas Raiders. The visitors don’t seem to have done enough in the offseason to turn the tables on the Fins.

Week 4 –  vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts will struggle in this matchup. Miami seems like a clear winner.

Week 5 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the kind of form the buccaneers are in, they are likely to run riot at home against the Dolphins.

Week 6 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have to still take some time to settle in newcomer Trevor Lawrence. So the Fins are looking to win this one too.

Week 7 – vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Fins looking to win this one with ease.

Week 8 – vs. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills are a top AFC team that has a decent offence and defence. The Fins are likely to suffer a defeat when they travel to Buffalo for the Week 8 game.

Week 9 – vs. Houston Texans

That’s not even a question. Houston Texans (sorry for what’s coming ahead Texans’ fans) are probably the worst side on the NFL roster. The Fins will have a field day at home with the visitors.

Week 10 – vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens’ defence can trouble the Fins at home. So we will give this one to Baltimore on a thin margin.

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Week 11 – vs. New York Jets

Zach Wilson is a rookie and expecting him to make it big against the Fins. So, the Fins should win this one with ease.

Week 12 – vs. Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold’s 1-4 record against the Dolphins is not a good omen for the visitors. While Darnold is in a much better space now but not good enough to take down the Dolphins.

Week 13 – vs. New York Giants

While New York does have a top-notch defence, the experience of Tagovailoa and co is likely to earn them a narrow win.

There’s no game plan for the Fins in Week 14.

Week 15 – vs. New York Jets

The Jets will go down big time.

Week 16 – vs. New Orleans Saints

Jameis Winston is far more effective than Brees as a passer. However, the Fins have enough firepower to crowd the box and cripple the Saints’ offence.

Week 17 – vs. Tennessee Titans

This would be a nail-biter! Two equally-matched teams will go head to head, but we will give the edge to Miami.

Week 18 – vs. New England Patriots

This is big. We feel that the Fins will finish the season on a high by beating the Patriots in the home game.


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